Chrissy Teigen Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction

Chrissy Teigen’s Super Bowl Wardrobe Mistake

Chrissy Teigen wore a see-through top to watch the Super Bowl, and some eagle-eyed fans noticed that her nipple was exposed. It happened during a clip of the model, who was watching the game from a private box with her husband John Legend.

A camera wandered through the stadium and panned over the couple, but as it zoomed in on them, it spotted the nipple. As the fan shared the footage online, people began to share their reactions.

Some of the comments on social media were positive, while others were scoffing at the mistake. But in true Chrissy form, she was quite unbothered about it. She retweeted the video to her own followers, and she even posted a cute video of herself covering up the tear with a blazer.

The nip slip isn’t the first time that she has sparked controversy with her outfits. In 2016, she was caught exposing her nipple while attending an American Music Awards red carpet.

It was a wardrobe malfunction that earned her a few harsh retweets, but she’s always been willing to laugh about it. Whether it was her braless fishnet top or her thigh-high boots, the 31-year-old always shows her personality through her fashion choices.

She also doesn’t seem to care about what people think, which is probably why she went braless under a fishnet keyhole top and brown duster jacket for the big game. The nipple slip wasn’t the first style mishap she’s had, but it was certainly the most memorable.

Despite the nipple slip, she still looked great on Sunday. The model paired a gorgeous green fringe dress from The Attico ($2,695) with an oversized blazer, Tom Ford heels and gold earrings for a night out with Legend.

But despite her flawless look, it seems that the night wasn’t as fun for Teigen as it was for others. The star later shared a video on Instagram of herself in the bathroom at the restaurant, where she was wearing a blazer over a torn zipper.

The ripped zip was all too obvious, and while she covered it up with her blazer, she made a faux request to the world not to tell her what she was wearing.

While this isn’t the first time that a celebrity has been spotted with a wardrobe malfunction, it was certainly one of the most embarrassing, and it caused a lot of backlash. The term “wardrobe malfunction” was coined by Justin Timberlake in 2004 after he tore at Janet Jackson’s breast pocket during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Thankfully, Chrissy Teigen hasn’t suffered from any similar wardrobe accidents since then. The presenter recently showed some extra skin while dancing on stage during her Grammy Award-winning husband John Legend’s performance in New York, and the strap of her dress fell down, revealing more than she had intended.

While this isn’t the first time she’s had a wardrobe malfunction, it was certainly one that caused a lot of backlash, and it caused her to be banned from attending the Grammys for years afterward. In her apology, she said she didn’t mean to expose her breasts.

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