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How to Increase Your Net Worth Using Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Early Life and Education

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is an essential period for brain growth that sets the groundwork for lifelong health, nutrition, learning, emotional well-being, and economic productivity. Yet policy makers and investors continue to disconsider ECCE in favor of older age schooling.

Over several decades, research across disciplines has demonstrated an inextricable link between early experiences and conditions and indicators of well-being across a lifespan – with economic consequences.

Play as Pedagogy is a course that emphasizes the significance of children discovering themselves through creative and sensory exploration, reinforcing the notion that “play is learning”. Furthermore, teachers will learn how to observe children at play and document their interests before using these observations in their planning processes.

Net Worth

Net worth is an important indicator of financial wellbeing. It represents the total value of your assets (such as cash savings, investments and the market value of your home) less your debts – an excellent way to measure progress over time and discover ways to grow wealthier.

Assets are anything with financial value, including your bank and savings account balances, investment accounts, the market value of your home and automobiles. Liabilities refer to items you owe such as student loans, mortgage payments or credit card balances.

Individuals often view a positive and increasing net worth as a measure of financial wellbeing; conversely, negative net worth indicates debt that exceeds assets owned. Businesses, sectors and countries also utilize net worth measurements to ascertain their current financial state.

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