Claudia Lovera

Bobby Deen and Claudia Lovera Are Married

Bobby Deen and Claudia Lovera are happily married. They were engaged in spring 2018 and planned to marry later in the year. The couple got married on October 16, 2018 in front of 75 guests, including Bobby’s brother Jamie Deen and Claudia’s family. Chatham County Probate Judge Harris Lewis performed the wedding ceremony. It was very touching and the couple are now parents to two beautiful kids. Their children are named Olivia Maria und Amelia Ann.

Lovera was able provide for Olivia Maria and her twins while they were in hospital. She also provided support for their parents. She shared advice with her followers who were in the hospital during the holiday season. Olivia Maria was born premature and had some complications during the pregnancy. She and her twins are doing well. Lovera also shared some advice with her followers, which may have helped them to make it through the holidays without a hitch.

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