Claudia Oshry Wedding

Claudia Oshry Wedding

Claudia Oshry, a popular Instagram celebrity who was recently married to Ben Soffer. The couple, who began dating in 2016, decided to get married after a year of dating. The couple married at Angel Orensanz in Manhattan and Birch Event Design created the floral arrangements and decorations. To celebrate their union, the wedding was filmed at the landmark New York building.

Claudia Oshry was born on July 10, 1994, in New York, USA. She is the daughter Pamela Geller (a political activist). Her father’s name is Michael Oshry. Her parents divorced in 2007, and her mother received $4 million as a settlement. In 2008, her father died of a heart attack, leaving Oshry with three sisters. She went to the Ramaz School in New York, and later went on to attend New York University.

Oshry wore a gown by Carolina Herrera. The bride’s veil was adorned with red flowers, which complemented the bridal gown. The bride and her bridesmaids wore emerald-green velvet gowns. These gowns are on-trend and complement Oshry’s gorgeous red hair. Aside from the beautiful gown, Oshry also wore custom-made extensions for her bridal hair.

Claudia Oshry’s net wealth has increased dramatically due to her popularity as a YouTube star and social media influencer. Pamela Geller, a well-known anti-Muslim activist, and Michael Oshry were her parents. She was born in New York. Rumours about her upcoming wedding have been fueled by the fact that her parents have a long history supporting anti-Muslim activism.

While Oshry has become a social media star, she remains a controversial figure. Her mother, Pamela Geller is known as an alt right troll. Her Instagram accounts have attracted millions, including several hundred thousands of her followers. She even released a mobile app called GirlWIthNoJob, which is popular among young women. She has yet to reveal how much she makes through her Instagram accounts, despite being so well-known.

Social media influencers can have a significant impact on the career of celebrities. Claudia Oshry is no exception. Her active Instagram account boasts more than 3 million followers. In addition to her incredibly successful Instagram account, she is an active member of Twitter, as well. In fact, she has an official Twitter account, where she posts her infamous memes.

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