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Cody Patty and Delphi, Indiana Murders Revealed on Facebook

During the Delphi, Indiana murder investigation, there were reports that Cody Patty may have been involved in the murders. However, he has not been charged with any crimes. In fact, he has not even been arrested. Instead, he has been revealed to have confessed to having sex with Libby on Facebook.

CP confessed to having sex with Libby on facebook

CP and his buddy MP have been making headlines recently after they were charged with the murder of a Delphi woman in what is alleged to be a planned home invasion. In addition, a state trooper has been interviewing Anthony Kline in the wake of the Delphi incident. CP and MP have been rumored to be members of the Carroll County occult circle, a group of like minded individuals who attend outdoor ceremonies and hold religious observances on a regular basis.

As you can imagine, CP and his buddy MP aren’t the only bad boys in town. Not to mention the fact that Libby has had some runaway moments. One of her more memorable moments was when she was admonished by her brother for “refusing to take a shower.” While she was in the shower, CP and his buddy MP sped away in a speedboat, making a buck and a half for the night.

CP hasn’t been arrested over the Delphi murders

CP hasn’t been arrested over the Delphi murders, but police are asking the public to help them catch the suspect. Five years after two teenage girls were found dead in Delphi, investigators are still looking for clues. It’s believed that one of the suspects may have been in a mental health facility and checked in to a check-in.

The suspect was seen in the vicinity of the murders, but his name hasn’t been revealed. Police are asking people who may have been in contact with the suspect to call them. This may prompt more evidence to be found.

The suspect is thought to be Richard Allen, who lives in Delphi with his family. He’s a pharmacy technician at the CVS store in Delphi. He said he was on the Monon High Bridge when the murders occurred. He also took a photo of his daughter standing next to a fire pit. Afterward, he went to the local conservation officer.

CP’s relationship to Mike Patty

CP’s relationship to Mike Patty is one of the many interesting stories in the world of health care. After losing his son, Michael, in a medical error, Patty founded Citizens for Patient Safety and became a worldwide expert on patient safety. She travels the world to educate medical professionals, consumers, and lawmakers about improving patient/provider relationships. She has been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, and has been invited to the White House to discuss health care.

Patty’s life proves the power of a collaborative healthcare culture. The culture encourages patients to ask questions, to seek second opinions, and to listen to their values. It also encourages medical professionals to present all possible treatment options and to listen to patient values. She has been named one of CNN’s “Intriguing People” and has received the National MITSS HOPE Award, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Consumer Protection Award, and the Transparent Health Leadership Award.

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