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Colton Daniels Net Worth – How Much Is Colton Daniels Worth?

Colton Daniels is an ROTC program student at Cameron University. He loves everything the program brings for him and other students alike.

Reeses enjoys learning from his coach and teammates. Additionally, he enjoys basketball and golf; in his free time he spends time playing family-oriented chihuahuas named Reeses that loves everyone he encounters.

Early Life and Education

Colton Daniels boasts an outstanding 4.0 GPA and has proven he can play quarterback at the next level. At 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds, Daniels boasts strong arm strength and excellent footwork in the pocket as well as being a capable receiver.

Colton lives with his parents, two brothers and one sister as well as Reeses his beloved Chihuahua. While living in New York since 2007, Colton still loves coming home to spend time with his loved ones.

Colton is known to have written several books and contributed to various journals and magazines over his long career, such as publishing “The Scenery of the Mountains of Western North Carolina and Northwestern South Carolina” in 1859, which demonstrated his comprehensive knowledge of this region.

Professional Career

Colton Daniels possesses all of the attributes college coaches look for in a quarterback: an outstanding GPA, powerful arm and charismatic personality. Additionally, he serves as a team leader who knows how to inspire his teammates; beating out senior Koby McCallum for starting quarterback status.

Daniels is a sociology lecturer and Ph.D student at St. Mary’s University. His courses focus on research methods, criminology and sociological theory while his publications cover risk-taking behaviors among military populations and personality traits’ effects on intimate partner violence.

Reeses is a dedicated family man and proud fan of his beloved Green Bay Packers, as well as spending quality time with his wife and Chihuahua, Reeses. Reeses has become an integral member of his community and will forever leave an impactful mark in anyone whose path crosses with him.

Achievement and Honors

Colton Daniels has already amassed many high school accolades. After he graduated early and enrolled at Arizona State, he was honored with multiple accolades from Grand Terrace High School including being awarded with the Ken Hubbs award on Monday evening at ceremonies for both boys and girls who excel at multiple sports while providing outstanding community service.

Cajon’s dual-threat quarterback led them to league, section and Southern California championships during his career, throwing for 14,007 yards with 170 touchdowns while also running for 3,635 yards rushing.

Daniels has all of the characteristics necessary to become an exceptional high school quarterback: strong arm, great knowledge of the game and great character. At Salem Academy he unseated Koby McCallum to become their starting QB this season and beat out Koby McCallum.

Personal Life

Colton Daniels was a beloved son, brother, and friend who enjoyed spending time with family, sports, and Reeses the Chihuahua. He was working towards his Master’s degree to become a Physician Assistant while still finding time to spend time with Reeses. All those who knew Colton will miss his presence greatly.

Colton died in a motorcycle accident on August 29th in Greenvale, NY while traveling along Northern Boulevard heading west when he collided with a landscaping truck and was declared deceased at the scene shortly thereafter. The driver of the landscaping truck stayed at the scene to provide assistance for investigators.

An experienced trucking accident attorney can help families receive compensation for their losses in an accident involving commercial trucks. Remaining family members may be entitled to financial support for funeral expenses and lost income as well.

Net Worth

Colton Daniels estimated net worth is between $1-5 Million at 31 years old. He earned this fortune as a professional actor; however, his personal and love life remain private as he prefers not to disclose current relationships statuses or divulge any further details of them.

He credits his father Jeff’s example as being his motivation for beginning Judo. Ultimately at Rio Olympic Games he reached his lifelong goal of representing his nation by reaching the semi finals and reaching semi finals of judo competition.

He has an active social media presence which enables him to rake in an income through Instagram ad revenue. Furthermore, endorsements and charitable works help generate significant funds. In turn, his lavish lifestyle includes multiple vehicles.

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