Cooper Sorrells Funeral Home

Cooper-Sorrells Funeral Home

Cooper-Sorrells Funeral Home provides caring and compassionate service to families in need of the services of a funeral home. They are dedicated to honoring families’ traditions and wishes and are skilled in handling various types of services. Their staff will help families plan a meaningful and personalized service, and they will guide them through the entire process. Continue reading to learn more about their services. These are the services offered by The Cooper-Sorrells Funeral Home:

The Cooper-Sorrells Funeral Home provides a General Price List that lists the cost of the services offered for the funeral. This price list covers everything from transportation to the cemetery to visitation and viewing services. You can view the list free of charge and make a decision based on the prices listed. Cooper-Sorrells Funeral Home offers preplanning services, and can help your family navigate memorial etiquette as well as funeral costs.

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