Coors Light Onesie

Win a Coors Light Onesie

A Coors Light Onesie is the perfect holiday loungewear, whether you’re enjoying your favorite craft beer or watching Hallmark films. It’ll make you the envy of your friends and will make your holiday season merrier. You’ll feel like you’re on a Colorado ski vacation when you wear a Coors Light onesie. This will be your favorite outfit to wear while you sip Coors Light or watching Hallmark movies.

The Coors Light Onesie comes with special pockets for storing cold Coors Light. This onesie is both functional as well as tongue-in-cheek. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who drinks alcohol or not. You must be legal drinking age to be eligible for a Coors Light Onesie. The Coors Light Winter Cozy Up Onesie Contest is only open to those who are between the ages of 22 and 12 in 2021.

The Coors Light Beerman will return in the year 2021, so get ready for a chilly holiday season. Sweepstakes PIT posted the contest first on its website. This contest will be held in the coldest months of winter so enter as soon as you can. Other giveaways may also offer prizes. One of the best ways to win a Coors Light Onesie is to wear a festive holiday onesie. There are many prizes to be won and the first winner will get a cool prize.

The Coors Light Onesie is perfect for cold weather! The warm, cozy winter blue color of the Coors Light Onesie drapes over shoulders, creating a stylish, yet functional piece of apparel. You can also get a onesie with the famous Coors Light logo on it. Your Coors Light Onesie is a great gift, whether you’re spending the holidays with your friends or enjoying a cold drink.

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