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Cory Nastazio Net Worth

Cory Nastazio has quickly made himself known in the world of BMX with his remarkable skills ranging from Superman seat grabs and backflips, as well as numerous magazine and TV appearances. X Games veteran with one silver medal won as well.

Containing top international action sports and X Games superstar athletes, including legendary BMX rider Cory Nastazio from VH1’s ‘The X Life.”

Early Life and Education

Cory Nastazio of Flushing, Queens was an early convert to BMX riding and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the premier dirt jumpers worldwide. Participating in local competitions allowed him to hone his craft and quickly established himself as one of the greatest dirt jumpers.

After spending some time in hospital, Nastazio made an amazing comeback to action sports and is currently competing at the X Games once more. She also appeared in VH1’s X Life show and is well-recognized as an influencer within action sports culture.

Nasty is a legendary figure with undeniable charisma who immediately draws you in when he appears in any video. Here we see him doing some street riding while providing us with additional insights into his mindset and workout regime.

Professional Career

Cory Nastazio is one of the best-known BMX dirt jump riders and showmen. He has competed in ten X Games and earned one silver medal, was featured on VH1 show X Life and made cameo appearances in Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX series.

He is famous for his distinctive look – including spiky hair, tattoos, and his daredevil riding style – making him an immensely popular figure within the action sports industry. Maxim, Stuff and Rolling Stone magazines have featured him.

Nasty is also an accomplished actor and has appeared in films like Viena and the Fantomes in 2020. Additionally, he serves as radio host for BMX podcast Unclicked where his episodes always prove entertaining and full of insight.

Achievement and Honors

Cory Nastazio is well-known for his confident BMX riding style and attention-grabbing personality. As one of the top names in his field, he’s made appearances on TV shows as well as modeling for magazines.

Cory Nastazio has the uncanny ability of making the seemingly impossible seem easy with his one-handed superman seatgrab or backflip barspin performances. His bold attitude has earned him a reputation as an amazing showman, and he loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for this sport with others.

Notwithstanding his near death experience in 2004, Cory Nastazio has recovered fully and continues to ride, compete, and film. He is the proud parent of two children: Trey and Londyn. Additionally, Cory maintains an active social media presence where he posts updates and highlights from his career.

Personal Life

Cory was rocked to his core when, in April 2004, his Honda Civic crashed into a tree and sent him into intensive care for two weeks. He suffered from hemorrhaging on one side of his brain, broken ribs and collapsed lung; yet thanks to wise words from his step-father he made a full recovery.

Cory has since relocated to the desert with Nicole, their two children Trey and Londyn as well as many tattoos that remind him of his near death experience.

Their wedding was a true reflection of themselves, filled with special details and an element of adventure. On their honeymoon they engaged in fun-filled activities which gave them an unforgettable experience and created lasting memories.

Net Worth

Cory Nastazio may not disclose exact figures of his net worth, but it’s evident that his successful career has enabled him to amass a sizable fortune. Competition wins, endorsement deals and acting roles are the main sources of Cory’s income.

Nastazio’s life story is an inspiring testament of perseverance and passion in pursuit of adrenaline-driven dreams. After an accident almost claimed his life in 2004, he has made an amazing recovery to become one of the premier dirt jumpers today.

He is happily married to Nicole Panattoni, with whom he shares an affinity for thrills and adventures. Their wedding was an enchanting expression of their relationship, featuring personalized touches in an idyllic outdoor venue and attended by friends and family members from both families.

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