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Crimsix – Ian Porter

Crimsix, also known by Ian Porter, is a professional Call of Duty gamer. He currently plays for New York Subliners. He is best known for his work with Call of Duty, but he has also played for many organizations throughout the game’s history. Optic Gaming is one of his more prominent affiliations. Crimsix is considered one of the best players in the world, and is a frequent guest on popular video game shows.

Ian was not even part of Team Crimson in his early years. His gamertag was ECLIPSE, and later he joined the team Complexity with James “Clayster” Eubanks. Porter was not a Crim player, but his drive and attitude were well-known by his teammates. Porter was a hard worker and demanded the best of his teammates. He was one of the most fearful players on the team.

Crimsix is an American competitive Call of Duty player. He has also competed in Halo on the MLG Pro Circuit. Although his career in Halo was brief, he managed to achieve multiple top 8 finishes. His most successful game was Halo: Reach. He has also represented many organizations. He is currently a member the OpTic Gaming Team. His swagger is well deserved.

While playing CS:GO as Crimsix, he has won several ESWCs. His ESWC victory helped him claim his third championship ring. His team’s dynasty is known for being unbeatable, as they won 14 of the 16 tournaments and events that took place in the last year. He also tied for the most kills in 4v4 Search and Destroy in major championships.

The book is divided into two parts that address two essential bases of criminology. The first section provides an overview of theoretical approaches to criminalology, drawing from sociology and psychology. These theories are also applied to specific types of criminality. Part two gives an overview of the major philosophical aims as well as sociological theories of punishment. The second part of the book covers the major areas of the criminal justice system today. This book covers the basics of criminalology and provides a foundation for further research.

Crim ian is currently working on A Better Politics of Crime. This project examines the relationship between democratic politics and crime control. Public Criminology published the first strand of this project. (Routledge, 2011). The next phase of the project is a joint monograph with Richard Sparks, working title: Crime Control and Political Ideologies. The monograph is currently being prepared. The project also includes an edited volume on Democratic Theory and Mass Incarceration.

Ian started playing competitively for GameBattles in 2008 and later returned to Halo: Reach. He finished 4th at the MLG Columbus tournament and continued to place high in his competitive career. The game was replaced by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in 2012, but he still managed to make a name for himself in Call of Duty. He is considered one of the best players in the world at the moment.

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