Crime Drama Actresses

Top Crime Drama Actresses

You’ve probably wondered who the female leads were if you’ve ever seen a crime drama. The following list of women in the business includes some of the most successful, as well as the most underrated, actresses. Although not all of them are from the United States, you will recognize some of their names. Continue reading to learn more about their remarkable backgrounds and what makes them so successful.

Kate Winslet is a standout among actresses in crime drama. Broadchurch, a British crime drama, follows two detectives who investigate the murder of an 11 year-old boy. It ran for three seasons and set the bar for police procedurals. Amanda Peet, a wealthy San Diego socialite, is also a standout in Dirty John. She plays the role of a woman who murders her husband and his wife. She gives a nuanced performance as Broderick, the former socialite who grew up with the family.

Annika Walker is one actress with a notable background working in crime dramas. She starred in the BBC Radio series Unforgotten as the title character in 2003. She has since reprised the role as Cassie Stuart in the same role in Inside Men. Walker has also appeared in several films, including The Last Train, a post-apocalyptic drama written by the future Spooks writer Matthew Graham. She has also appeared in BBC adaptations of The Human Body, Prisoner’s Wives, and the Scott & Bailey series.

Kyra Sedgwick is another standout among actresses in crime drama. The acclaimed actress starred as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in the TNT television series. Based on the real-life BTK murderer, she played the role as an enigmatic and asexual police detective. She slowly reveals her true self as a detective. She is a mastermind, and her role as a policewoman on the inside is more like playing chess than an old-school cop.

Morven Christie co-starred as DS Lisa Armstrong, a family liaison officer. After the second season, she will be leaving the series. Nonetheless, Christie is a fine actress who portrays a strong, independent character who uses her class connections to solve crimes. The show is based upon Antonia Fraser’s novels and features early performances by many of the actors. Morven Christie, the show’s female star, is one of the most memorable characters in the genre.

The genre of crime drama began to diversify after CSI: New York. Close-up scenes were introduced, thereby increasing the dramatic arc of the story. This genre of television dramas challenged stereotypes and broke down social barriers. Women were the first to play leading roles in a crime drama. How do you find the best actresses in crime drama? Let’s take an in-depth look. If you’ve ever wondered about the best actresses in the business, this list will help you identify her.

Maia Thomas was born in Canada. She starred in the period drama Hotel Portofino, where she acted as Christina’s best friend. In the movie, she played an expert pathologist who suspects Christina’s death was a suicide. Maia Thomas has also starred in crime dramas as Julia McNamara in Nip/Tuck, and as the last wife to Henry VIII in The Tudors. She has several film projects currently in the works, including Netflix’s fantasy horror series The Sandman and a series called The Bisexual.

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