Cydney On Survivor

Cydney Gillon on Survivor – Episode 102

Cydney Gillon is one of the most interesting players on Survivor. She has been training and competing in bodybuilding competitions. She was a former track athlete before the show. This year, she is joining the Brawn tribe on Survivor Kaoh Rong. Despite her background in fitness and athletics, she isn’t giving up hope and is going for the win.

Cydney attempted to light a fire while playing on Survivor Kaoh Rong. Cydney could not get a flame to ignite after Aubry had made a huge fire. Cydney was determined to light a large flame to help her family pay off their mortgage and get to school. She also wanted to obtain health insurance for Tangelea Tucker Gillon, her mother.

Cydney, despite her inept skills on the game has been able build strong relationships with other contestants. She also knows that the best way to strengthen alliances is to plot. The challengers aren’t afraid to plot and are psyched when they need to. Survivor is a game that has momentum. People want to vote to make an impact. Ultimately, it’s about a game of chance, and a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

Cydney Gillon joined Rob on Episode 102 to talk about the game of Survivor. The two discussed strategies and tactics and their plans for the future. Cydney was a member of To Tang before the merge, but sided with Kyle Jason and Scot Pollard. After the merge, she turned her back on her former tribemates. She is the third person to vote for all her original tribemates on Survivor.

Although she’s disappointed with the end of the season, she was nonetheless proud of her game play. She hid when the Brawn tribe was struggling, sniffed out Aubry and Michele as allies, and made crucial strategic moves. She was a newbie to the game but she was able to light fire. She was even able to do it when the challenge presented itself. She didn’t know how to make it until Joe showed her.

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