Cynthia Doll From Rugrats

The Cynthia Doll From Rugrats

If you’ve been watching the movie “Rugrats,” you’ve probably noticed that Angelica’s favorite toy is a doll named Cynthia. Although she resembles the Barbie doll, Cynthia is a parody of this popular toy. She wears the same dress and belt as her Barbie doll, and she also has red shoes. The only thing that makes her different from other dolls is her odd hairstyle, which is almost entirely bald with three long hairs protruding on her right side. She also has a pink play-car themed after Cynthia.

The name Cynthia comes from Spike, Tommy’s best friend. She wears a gold collar tag, and often refers to Tommy as her own. She is a major character in Rugrats, which stars Tommy as his little helper. Angelica makes up a story about Spike, which involves him being a human once and being turned into a dog after being left out in the rain.

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