Dan Dohrmann

Dan Dohrmann, Born on February 19, 1983 and Died on August 2, 2022

Dan Dohrmann was born February 19, 1983 and died August 2, 2022. He leaves behind his wife Bruna; son Lucca; parents Maggie Fitzpatrick and Tom Fitzpatrick; siblings David Dohrmann (Fayanne), Shaun Dohrmann, Tommy Fitzpatrick, Katie Fitzpatrick, Michael Urban and Brian Urban as well as his siblings who survived him.

Early Life and Education

Daniel John Dohrmann was born February 19, 1983 and passed away August 2, 2022. He leaves behind his wife Bruna and their son Lucca as well as Maggie Fitzpatrick and Tom Dohrmann as parents; siblings David (Fayanne Dohrmann), Shaun (Heather Dohrmann), Tommy Fitzpatrick, as well as nieces and nephews in addition to an extended family.

Dohrmann began fundraising while attending Northwestern University and quickly rose to become its top student fundraiser for its men’s basketball team. Additionally, he became active within Gamma Phi Omega and served on its executive committee before co-founding an innovative initiative designed to increase funding for women’s varsity sports at Northwestern; which resulted in increased donations by 49%.

Professional Career

Dohrmann has made appearances in numerous television series since her Star Trek days, such as Seinfeld, Ellen and Party of Five. Additionally she was cast in 1992 television movie Deadly Matrimony alongside Voyager co-star Robert Picardo and later on 1996 TV series Nash Bridges as a recurring character.

She is a member of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has also performed voice over work for commercials and films.

Dohrmann was born on 19 February 1983 in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, United States. A lifelong fan of Philadelphia sports teams, Lucca will be sorely missed by his wife Bruna and son Lucca; also by Tom and Maggie Fitzpatrick as well as David (Fayanne Dohrmann), Shaun Dohrmann, Tommy Fitzpatrick and Heather Dohrmann as well as many aunts, uncles and nieces/nephews.

Achievement and Honors

Dohrmann achieved many accolades during his lifetime. He was honored with being listed among St. Louis Business Journal’s “30 Under 30”, Missouri Society of Professional Engineers’ Young Engineer of the Year Award, MoDOT Liaison Committee Membership and served on Engineering Excellence Committees while being part of National Awards Committees such as APWA National.

Dohrmann is a dedicated father and family man. In his free time, he loves watching his sons play sports or taking them on nature walks. Additionally, Dohrmann supports numerous community organizations like United Way of St. Louis and Archdiocese of St. Louis Annual Appeal Council as well as Sigma Pi fraternity where he serves on its board while raising funds for numerous projects; most recently being an advocate for Northwestern’s women varsity sports programs.

Personal Life

Daniel Dohrmann was dedicated to his family and friends throughout his life. Married to Bruna, Daniel Dohrmann was proud of Lucca, his only son. Additionally, he had many brothers and sisters including David (Fayanne Dohrmann), Shaun, Tommy Fitzpatrick, Katie Fitzpatrick, Michael Urban, Brian Urban as well as many nieces and nephews whom he was close with. Daniel died peacefully on August 2, 2022 surrounded by wife Bruna, family, many aunts/uncles/uncles.

Dohrmann takes an insightful, immersive, and fascinating look at American sports fandom across the nation, traveling from Minnesota to Oregon and meeting newly appointed generals of the Viking World Order as well as an unstoppable soccer cheering section that amassed four-thousand fans for Portland Timbers alone.

Net Worth

Daniel Dohrmann’s net worth has been estimated at approximately $50 thousand. He owns real estate properties in Illinois and Minnesota as well as participating in various business ventures and earning significant funds through musical performances.

Feeling Good?, his stage project dedicated to Nina Simone, featured script and dialogue writing, lighting design and film projections by him as well. It premiered at Theaterhaus Stuttgart as part of Osterjazztage 2020 festival.

He passed away on August 2, 2022 and is survived by his wife Bruna and son Lucca as well as many aunts, uncles and nieces and nephews. Additionally, Maggie Fitzpatrick and Tom Fitzpatrick as well as David Dohrmann from Shaun and Heather Dohrmann’s household in Germany; Tommy Fitzpatrick from Katie Fitzpatrick as well as Michael Urban also remain.

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