Dan Hiatt

Dan Hiatt

Daniel builds close relationships with his clients and understands their businesses and industries, which allows him to anticipate any concerns, obstacles or opportunities they might face. Daniel assists business owners in setting up and executing transition plans and estate planning strategies for their transitions or succession.

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Early Life and Education

Tamer L Hiatt was born in Ohio on month day 1881 to Lydia Dora Hiatt and had 10 siblings: Tamer L Hiatt being the oldest. Tamer died aged 77 at Washington on month day 1921.

On November 29th 1906 he married Annie E Hiatt who was born circa 1845. They were blessed with four children: William Jaroldean Hiatt and Ruby V Hiatt as well as three others. William Jaroldean Hiatt died September 10, 1963 aged 79 in Oregon.

He was born in Iowa and had 13 siblings: John Hiatt, Rachel Hiatt and 11 others. Amos Hiatt died at 79 in Iowa on month day 1909; he is buried there today. Create a free family tree for Amos Hiatt to connect with relatives and ancestors!

Professional Career

Hiatt Career Center, a student-centric office that assists Brandeisians in connecting their experiences and interests from college with career journey. Dan has over ten years of higher education experience working in academic advising, student activities, residence life and residence life departments; additionally he holds a Master’s of Higher Education Administration with a concentration on student affairs from Stony Brook University.

He advises private companies on issues ranging from day-to-day business operations to mergers and acquisitions, with particular expertise in learning his clients’ businesses, industries and concerns to anticipate concerns, obstacles and opportunities for his clients. Furthermore, he serves individuals in their representative capacities such as trustees, executors or fiduciaries and has worked closely with health care, distribution and manufacturing entities as an outside general counsel.

Achievement and Honors

Hiatt has won several awards for both his music and academic accomplishments, such as winning the Jerry Douglas Band award in 2018. This prestigious recognition acknowledges band members who best embody the Jerry Douglas tradition of empathetic musicianship which prods them towards performances that are startlingly vulnerable. Furthermore, Hiatt was honored with multiple Freshman Achievement Awards such as those given out for good character, intellectual ability, breadth of interests and community leadership as well as winning Daniel E. Kirk Biology Award as well as Chemistry Prize and Environmental Stewardship Award awards.

Studio B was purpose built when Hiatt was only five, to encourage music creation in real time by musicians reacting emotionally in real time, listening to each other, and reacting in kind to any emotional moment that arose during recording sessions. As such, its creation produced an album both powerful and honest.

Personal Life

Hiatt has earned praise for his raspy blues-based singing that has been likened to that of Bruce Springsteen and his eclectic musical style which incorporates elements of heartland rock, Philly soul, stately folk, and countrified swing. A talented songwriter known for humorous lyrics which have been recorded by many well-known musicians.

Hiatt rose to stardom with Three Dog Night’s recording of “Sure as I’m Sittin’ Here” which propelled him onto Epic Records for his debut album Hanging Around the Observatory released in 1974. Although Hanging Around the Observatory did not meet with commercial success, his subsequent releases, 1980’s Perfectly Good Guitar and 1985’s Warming Up to Ice Age fared slightly better; neither one reached chart-topping status however; Hiatt later signed with established independent label Vanguard for 2000 album Crossing Muddy Waters which eventually hit chart-topping success!

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