Dan Penaloza

Dan Penaloza – Former Porterville City Council Member Indicted on Sex Crime Charges

Penaloza was arrested in February on charges that he engaged in sexual acts with minors during his tenure as a city councilmember of Porterville in 2020-2021. He faced four felony counts, two being sexual contact with minors; however, thanks to accepting a plea bargain with community service hours and terms in lieu of jail time being served, this court never jailed him.

Early Life and Education

Dan worked tirelessly to provide for his family and provide their children with everything they needed, while still inspiring them to strive to do more. He took them to concerts, provided car towing for school or soccer events, never missed recitals or races and never failed to arrive when necessary.

He was honored as The Sun/Bulletin Boys Soccer Player of the Year this year, leading his team to an unprecedented section title victory. Additionally, he was an amazing father and husband who always made time for his children and relished being their grandfather; never missing doctor appointments, birthday parties, or vacations with just them alone. Everyone will miss him dearly. PeekYou is a free people-search engine designed to find data often overlooked by other search engines.

Professional Career

Penaloza has provided NPR coverage of events like the Virginia Tech shootings from Blacksburg, Hurricane Ike from Houston, and recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He has also covered custody battles like Elian Gonzalez’s from Miami as well as protests at Navy sites on Viequez Island in Puerto Rico as well as reporting from New York City following Sept 11 attacks from World Trade Center.

Penaloza was indicted by a Tulare County grand jury on four felony charges, including sexual contact with minors under 17 at the time of alleged offenses. At his arraignment hearing and subsequent release on own recognizance supervised release pending jury trial scheduled for March 25. He pled not guilty during this arraignment process.

Achievement and Honors

Tulare County grand jurors have indicted former Porterville City Council Member Daniel Penaloza, 28, with sexual crimes. Penaloza was accused of engaging in sexual acts with 17 year old minor between June 2020 and May 2021 while on council.

She has reported on numerous issues, such as Elian Gonzalez’s custody battle in Miami, Hurricane Katrina recovery in New Orleans and Venezuela’s dengue fever outbreak. Additionally, she won an Education Writers Association national award for a yearlong NPR series about improving student achievement at an Illinois high school.

Dan was deeply committed to his family, always prioritizing them first. He took immense pride in raising Andrea and Daniel; never missing an event such as recitals, school functions or sports competitions or their numerous motocross races.

Personal Life

Daniel and Lauren met while studying abroad in Milan, Italy as part of an exchange program. Soon afterwards they developed a long distance romance which eventually turned into an infatuation that lasted over five years.

They all shared an immense passion for politics, with one wanting to give back to his hometown of Santa Ana by tutoring high school students. After seeing how neglected their community had become, they decided to run for city council themselves.

Killein concluded that Penaloza was a member of the Barrio Pobre gang and that he participated in its robbery activities, with Carillo testifying to support this finding. Additionally, police discovered gang graffiti at and near the crime scene which contained both Penaloza’s and Silva-Suarez’s respective gang monikers as well as Penaloza driving them there to steal spray paint from WalMart stores via Carillo’s driving.

Net Worth

Daniel Penaloza currently boasts a net worth of $1.5 Million. His father founded Grupo Tribasa, a construction and infrastructure firm which built and operated toll roads throughout Mexico. Following the peso crisis of 1994, debt restructuring required restructuring the firm; Penaloza Alanis took over its leadership as large shareholder; owning about 30% of what became Pinfra. Daniel currently plays football for Medellin FC in FM2020.

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