Dan Short

Dan Short – Financial Advisor and Car Enthusiast

Dan Short is a financial professional specializing in helping his clients plan and attain their financial goals. With a degree from California Lutheran University s Magna Cum Laude program, he can assist his clients.

He and Melissa operate their workshop in Virginia together.

Early Life and Education

FantomWorks was established by Dan Short in 2009. Their specialty lies in classic car restoration, and some of America’s most cherished classic cars have been restored by them and their team, while their reality show that documents their efforts has gained worldwide popularity.

Short enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time. He has hunted big game, upland birds, and waterfowl all across North America as well as spending his spare time working on food plots and building projects at his home.

Short was previously employed as a counselor for a domestic violence intervention program where he designed innovative methods of treatment. Additionally, he taught various institutes around the globe.

Professional Career

Daniel Short also practices law but doubles up as a wealth management advisor, helping affluent families, retired professionals and successful business owners navigate volatile markets by overseeing their assets effectively.

He is also an active member of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department and has held leadership roles with them over his lifetime of membership.

Dan’s expertise in employment law has proven invaluable to his many clients, such as representing a large professional services employer in successfully dismissing nurse harassment claims against it and representing an employee denied promotion due to age discrimination.

He has served as an adjunct faculty member of Argosy University since 2012, instructing graduate students. Additionally, his extensive research and study of Milton Erickson’s works have yielded numerous articles and conference presentations.

Achievement and Honors

Short was an active member of the Seaford, Delaware volunteer fire department for more than three decades and served on its board of directors. Additionally, he owned an independent insurance agency called Short Insurance Associates. Short received both the Douglas F. Bennetti Public Service Award and Maryrose and Dan Short Teaching Excellence Award during this period.

David was an outstanding government administrator who excelled at all tasks assigned. Additionally, as a prophet he set an exemplary example for God’s people on how to live holy lives; even during times of peril he held fast to his faith, earning praise from Ezekiel himself.

Today, fans from around the world visit FantomWorks to witness him and his team work on classic cars and other vehicles for various clients – many celebrities even request restoration of their vehicles, although anyone is welcome to stop by just for a look!

Personal Life

Dan Short left the Army after 24 years to open FantomWorks with his lovely wife Melissa and provide full restorations on old cars and trucks for anyone that needs them – including celebrities such as Ted Nugent. People travel from all around the world for service here.

He served four two-year terms on Seaford Council before marrying and having one daughter together with his wife, Nancy. When not busy hunting and fishing, he enjoys hunting and fishing with his wife as hobbies; together they support various causes in church as well as TCU’s Maryrose and Dan Short Teaching Excellence Award with donations of hunted fish as the Maryrose and Dan Short Teaching Excellence Award is one of them; longtime members of Seaford Volunteer Fire Department as well as boaters, hikers and dog – known affectionately by those they know him as Boozer!

Net Worth

Short is widely known for his car restoration business FantomWorks. An automotive enthusiast since first seeing an older Camaro during his youth days, Short soon gained knowledge from shops before opening his own. Working tirelessly for success within FantomWorks over time.

He rose to fame through videos posted to TikTok that asked random people “What do you do for a living?”. Additionally, he interviewed celebrities and social media personalities such as DJ Khaled, Ellie Zeiler, Martin Garixx, and Daniel Ricciardo.

Melissa Short and Michael are happily married with one child together. The two met while attending military grad school and have been inseparable ever since. Melissa and Michael are dedicated to their veterans community by hosting car shows to benefit wounded vets as they try to return to driving again.

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