Danie Geimer

Dani Geimer – Unconventional Candidate For The Voice Season 3

In her third season on The Voice, Dani Geimer surprised the judges by choosing an unconventional song with raw vocals. This surprise surprised both the judges and the audience. She performed a rap song called “Sugar,” which is not always easy to sing, but she was praised by all three judges. After the show, she continued to release music, including an EP entitled “Sugar.”

Danie Geimer is an unconventional candidate for X Factor USA. She’s only fifteen years old and a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys reading neuroscience textbooks. She auditioned for the show because of her singing talent and love for music. Though she’s not a natural at socializing, she’s still determined to be a singer, and she’s confident that she can be the next big thing.

Geimer’s voice captured the attention of judges and the audience, but she was not yet comfortable on the stage. She was able to integrate her body movements and the power of her voice during her performance. At the peak of her performance, the judges and audience were mesmerized, and Kelly was full of praise for her. Geimer is a talented young performer who will continue to dazzle audiences as she grows up.

Danielle Geimer was a semi finalist on Season 3 X Factor USA. She was part of the Girls category mentored by Demi Lovato. As her final song, she performed Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking ball” She was eliminated from the competition in the first week and finished 16th. She dreams of attending Oxford University. In addition to singing, she also studies NeuroScience.

The judges loved Danie’s rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking ball” performance. Although it was not the most exciting performance, her voice is still very impressive. Rion also sang a good rendition of Demi’s “Skyscraper,” but she seems to have lost viewers’ support. After all, the judges wanted a pretty performer. And besides that, she was the only teenager to sing an original song on the show.

Rylie Brown and Primrose Mart both failed to impress during their performances. Danie Geimer’s performance however was far more impressive. She was the first woman in this category to sing an original song. This was a huge feat for a young singer. While there are a handful of finalists, it’s clear that Danie is one to watch out for. It’s hard for us to believe that a 16-year-old performer could make it into the Top 8.

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