Daniel Andreas

Daniel Andreas San Diego

The FBI has added animal rights extremist Daniel Andreas San Diego, who remains at large after bombing two Northern California companies that conducted experiments on animals, to its Most Wanted list as a domestic terrorist.

Emma and Ray speak, until a violent earthquake strikes and topples over the building’s parking garage.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Andreas San Diego was born in Berkeley, California and later lived in Marin County where he attended Terra Linda High School as part of the Straight Edge movement. A vegan who opposed animal cruelty, Daniel Andreas San Diego may also have had connections to Animal Liberation Brigade who carried out two bombings in 2003. Because of these extremist beliefs, the FBI placed Daniel Andreas San Diego on its Most Wanted Terrorists list.

His ethnographic research has explored economic crisis, time and temporality, neoliberalism and neocolonialism, renewable energy production and consumption in Greece during an austerity program, such as how economic uncertainty has opened new space for entrepreneurial opportunism and extractive economies to emerge. Through his work he has given keynote lectures for Israeli Anthropological Association, Danish Association of Anthropologists, Interdisciplinary Humanities Conference Luxembourg among others.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Andreas has been recognized for his writing with two awards from University of Maryland Honors: Winston Family Award (recognizing outstanding essays and research papers written by Honors students) and Peer Mentor Award ( honoring outstanding students who provide assistance). Additionally, he was nominated for both awards.

Alongside his academic successes, he is also an accomplished soccer player. He has played on several teams including St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland United and Northeast Ohio District Runner Up team; receiving multiple awards and accolades for his play on the pitch. Furthermore, he is an animal rights activist, having links to an Animal Liberation Brigade cell responsible for two bombings in 2003.

Personal Life

As a child, Daniel enjoyed listening to rock and heavy metal music, becoming involved with straight edge movement as well as becoming vegan. Daniel may also have had links with Animal Liberation Brigade as well as two bombing incidents that occurred in 2003.

In 2004, he became the first domestic terrorist ever added to the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives list and his photo appeared on electronic billboards in seven states across America. Based on information received, authorities speculate that he may be hiding out somewhere near Northampton, Massachusetts.

His body is covered in tattoos of burning hillsides and buildings on his chest, abdomen, and back. He is married with two children as well as several siblings. Known for his advocacy on behalf of animals and the environment.

Net Worth

He has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million due to his lucrative career as a Terrorist.

Animal rights activists believe he is behind two bomb attacks on California companies conducting animal experiments and are investigating his possible involvement with sending an explosive-laden package to nutritional products company in that state.

He is also an accomplished author, having published books such as Ministry of Cheerfulness, Heaven: Close Encounters with the God Kind, Jambalaya for the Soul, Wanting a God You Can Talk to, and Breaking the Power of Natural Law. Bishop TD Jakes is another well-known televangelist that has amassed significant wealth due to his career as a pastor – his net worth stands at $18 Million!

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