Daniel Angeles

Artist Profile – Daniel Angeles

Daniel Angeles is an artist who draws his artistic inspiration from nature and specifically birds. They speak volumes of freedom for him because they disdain gravity by flying freely through the air; echoing his own free spirit and personal inhibitions. Other great artists such as Salvador Dali also inspire him; their visual sharpness inspires his work.

Early Life and Education

Children from birth to 8 years of age experience and interact with environments that have an enormous effect on their learning capabilities, behaviors and health in later years. According to UNESCO, investing in early childhood development and education is one of the best investments a nation can make.

But we must also understand the extent to which early-life conditions and education interact to influence adult functioning and mortality. Research indicates that, once all other influences have been considered, early life conditions tend to lead to functional decline and frailty that must be addressed through factors like healthy behavior change and income; educational attainment appears to prevent such decline and death through greater levels of health-related behaviors and socioeconomic resources.

Professional Career

Angeles’ paintings channel the spirit of Salvador Dali while his watercolor pieces boast striking visual qualities – which were recently shown off at Craighead Green Gallery.

He served in two tours as strike fighter squadron commander with FA-18 Hornet aircraft and as commanding officer of Carrier Air Wing (CAG) 1.

Daniel is an experienced litigator. His practice spans areas such as general business law, class action, sports law, process safety management and international arbitrations. Daniel has litigated cases before both state and federal courts across the country as well as alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration.

Achievement and Honors

Dan is known for representing major media, entertainment and sports industry clients in complex financing, acquisition and disposition transactions. He was honored with both top attorney status from Century City Bar Association as well as being awarded Champion of Diversity status by Minority Corporate Counsel Association.

He also conducts the Triad Area Medical Orchestra and serves as music director for numerous Albuquerque community theatre productions such as Yamaha-sponsored Acting Out! drama program and Musical Theatre Southwest production of Grease.

Daniel has not only distinguished himself with his printmaking work but has also recorded more than eighty acoustic albums featuring Hawaiian hymnody (himeni), hula and ukulele – earning three Na Hoku Hanohano Awards and fifteen Hawai’i Record of the Year nominations for these albums.

Personal Life

Daniel has made waves with both his musical achievements and artistic endeavors, having displayed artwork in galleries worldwide and writing music books. Additionally, he serves as an artist/instructor with Yamaha while endorsing Romero Creations Ukuleles and Shubb capos as endorsements.

His devotion to God has earned him legendary status, healing those sick or possessed while becoming known for prophesying and performing miracles. Additionally, his deep affection for animals and nature can be seen throughout many of his works.

St. Daniel left his parents and went into exile at a monastery where he met Simeon who was a stylite (someone who spends most of their life standing atop columns). Simeon gave Daniel the task of becoming one himself; thus fulfilling Simeon’s request and setting off on an incredible journey himself.

Net Worth

Daniel has amassed both fame and money through posting videos to social media, working with prominent content creators, creating his own online clothing store, organizing supercar rallies and earning endorsement deals from high-end fashion labels.

He is a well-known vlogger who has conducted interviews with many millionaires and owners of luxury cars. His video series entitled ‘What do they do for a living’ has proven quite popular with viewers.

He has appeared in television series and movies such as Geoffrey the Dumbass, Two Truths and a Lie and Almost Winter as an actor with exceptional skills to deliver outstanding performances on screen. Known for his comedic timing and great narration skills, his understanding of camera techniques coupled with impressive editing skills makes for an impressive combination.

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