Daniel Aobdia

Who is Daniel Aobdia?

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is an integral component of human development. It plays a significant role in shaping life outcomes and health status; acting as one of many social determinants that impact wellness such as housing, income, employment and neighborhood safety. Children’s experiences during their first few years help mold brain development.

Erik Erikson, Friedrich Froebel and Loris Malaguzzi all advocated for child-centric education. These theorists stressed the value of observation and documenting children’s learning and interests to guide teaching practices.

Studies have demonstrated the correlation between life activities and education as a form of cognitive reserve proxy and life activity’s positive association with health; hence the assumption that education may mediate its effect on health through life activities; however this remains an area that needs further investigation.

Professional Career

ZoomInfo reports that he has been employed as an Associate Professor of Accounting at Penn State University since 2008. Throughout his professional career he has held roles at three separate companies and three roles throughout.

His research primarily involves empirical accounting and economics, using auditing as an arena to answer key economic questions such as regulation impact analysis or role of information spillovers within organizations. He has also written numerous articles discussing globalization of labor and capital markets.

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