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The Life of Daniel Augusta

Daniel was an attorney well known and revered across Richmond County. His advice proved instrumental in helping elected leaders overcome many of their challenges.

He was also an accomplished theatre artist who collaborated with Sick and Twisted Theatre Group. Their aim is to prove that truthful performance does not depend on bodily perfection.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Daniel was shy and easily bullied at school. However, at 12 he obtained his own gun and began training himself to be an expert tracker and hunter; soon enough he was bringing home more skins than his father was bringing home and making money too!

By the age of twenty he could read and write fluently, which helped him secure a bookkeeping job at a railroad station.

In 2019, Augustus won his inaugural mini-tour event on the Florida Elite Tour and thought this might be his ticket to joining the PGA Tour, but unfortunately that did not materialize as planned; Augustus continued working long hours at his club and fell further behind players without full-time jobs.

Professional Career

He was known for his sense of humor and ability to tell an engaging tale, often through playful wordplay and through eyes that were slightly off center. Additionally, he was active within the theatre community and co-founded with Jessy Ardern and Ariel Levine the Struts and Frets Players which staged Winnipeg Fringe shows; also his one-man show “Lame Is,” featured at Sick & Twisted’s first disability cabaret, explored his experience living with disability while art could broaden perspectives.

Daniel worked in every aspect of golf industry imaginable from course maintenance, customer service and management to teaching. Daniel was most passionate about the bond golf creates between people on its courses.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel performed many miracles during the 33 years he stood atop columns of increasing height, including exorcisms and healing the sick. His acts attracted large numbers of pilgrims and disciples. Due to his piety and perceived divinity, Daniel became a trusted confidant of several emperors including Leo VI and Augusta Eudoxia.

Nine years later, Daniel saw Saint Simeon on his column with two men nearby. Later when Bishop Simeon needed prayerful support he sought Daniel out and was ultimately healed through prayerful intercession from Daniel.

When his time came, he was laid to rest in a tomb of precious stone and metalwork he requested be laid with martyrs; and this request was honored accordingly.

Personal Life

Dan had an eccentric, yet wonderful sense of humor that could only be described as eccentric. He saw the world through these glasses and shared his brand of humor with all who knew him. He especially loved making puns and had fantastic storytelling abilities that brought life and excitement into stories others thought were boring or stagnant.

Many Augustans remember him for the parkway bearing his name that fronts one of Augusta’s main commercial districts, but he was far more than that. For two decades as county attorney he provided expert legal guidance and support to Richmond County elected leaders and was revered statewide; additionally he even served as president of his local bar association.

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