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Bio of Daniel Ault

Daniel Ault was a minor league baseball manager. He spent several seasons within the Toronto Blue Jays organization – one at Syracuse and another in Dunedin – managing Syracuse and Dunedin teams respectively.

In Part is both a book about Group Material, scholarship, art and activism archives as well as Ault’s upbringing in Maine. Furthermore, it serves as an editorial manual for creating history.

Early Life and Education

The Book of Daniel is one of the Old Testaments found within the Hebrew Bible, narrating Daniel’s experience interpreting a dream for King Darius I of Babylon. The work features an apocalyptic tone to encourage believers not to succumb to persecution and include many miracles and visions that take place during his journeys.

Dan Ault has long held an interest in local government operations. He earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point before moving onto Northern Illinois University to earn his master of public administration degree.

He is married to Eura Lee “Dink” Terry and they share one son together. Originally from Amarillo, Texas they have traveled together extensively – to England, Scotland and France as well as Alaska, Old Mexico and numerous road trips in the US.

Professional Career

Dan has over 15 years of engineering consulting experience managing projects related to water rights and resources. These have included surface and groundwater hydrology studies, financial and economic feasibility analyses of water rights projects, reservoir operation studies, river system modeling studies and dam design projects.

John has extensive public safety and military project experience. Since 1993, he has been providing CISM training through OCJS, and currently acts as lead instructor for several training programs offered through us.

He has published articles about innovations in government technology for publications like Huffington Post, Government Technology and CIO Review. In addition, he has presented on government tech and innovation at numerous conferences nationwide. Furthermore, he holds membership with Public Management Association and Society for Human Resource Professionals.

Achievement and Honors

His research centers around three areas related to emerging climate risks: estimating the risk of 21st-century megadrought; characterizing variations in the Tropical Pacific on timescales from decades to centuries; and their impacts on global climate as revealed through observations and models. His work is highly inter-disciplinary, often collaborating with colleagues from geography or paleoclimatology disciplines.

As a freshman, he received the Freshman Achievement Award and Biochemistry prize, in addition to receiving the Corriher-Linn-Black Library Service Award for demonstrating dedication, inspiration, and academic success.

In 2022, he earned multiple accolades: Big East Freshman of the Year; National and Big EAST Player of the Week honors. Additionally, he scored two goals and eight total points within three games of starting his season off right.

Personal Life

Daniel Ault and Carrie have two children together. Both were charged with improper disposal of animal carcasses and 15 counts of neglecting dependents; both received probation sentences in this matter.

Daniel Ault admitted in court that he did not dispose of dead animals because he was overwhelmed with work, as well as saying their deaths were part and parcel of animal agriculture business.

Group Material, an art collective he cofounded that specializes in activism and recovering personal and collective histories, has seen his works featured in multiple fields like sculpture, video installation and photography – not to mention numerous exhibitions and permanent museum collections worldwide.

Net Worth

John has amassed a net worth of over $6 Million as of 14 September 2009. John conducts over 10 trades annually on Sherwin-Williams Co stock, typically buying and selling 1,592 units every trading day.

Daniel B Ault was born around 1852, in Ohio, United States. In Before 1930, he married Clarinda Melvina Ault and they had 7 children: Arther Ault, Arnold Ault, Pauline Ault, Freda Ault Merl Ault and Jennie Ault.

Watson D Ault was born in Pennsylvania, United States. He married Elizabeth Pearl Ault and they had five children: Paul E Ault, Clarence D Ault, Bertha N Ault and Roy W Ault. Watson died in 1940 at Big Beaver in Lawrence County Pennsylvania before being laid to rest at Saint Michaels Cemetery Coal Bank Road Marshallville Ohio 44635 by his family including Carl Leonard Ault (father) and Alma L Haack Ault (mother).

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