Daniel Bwala

Daniel Bwala – Lawyer, Politican and Public Affairs Analyst

Daniel Bwala is a lawyer, politician and public affairs analyst. He has made appearances on Channels TV to criticize Tinubu as leader of APC.

Hon Daniel Bwala has pledged his services as Senatorial candidate for Adamawa State Central Senatorial District when elected in 2023, to bring about more sustainable development initiatives within their District.

Early Life and Education

Bwala is an accomplished individual with multiple talents: author, adjunct lecturer, regulatory consultant and mediator. His contributions to legal education and standards in Nigeria have made a major impact.

He is one of eight siblings from Borno State and can practice law in England and Wales thanks to being granted permission by Lincoln’s Inn in London.

Bwala strongly condemned several of Tinubu’s ministerial appointments as square pegs fitting into round holes on Channels TV Politics Today on Thursday.

He noted that Nigerians are suffering due to rising costs for food items, transportation services and goods, medical treatments and school fees; leading to an increase in suicides and depression rates. He appealed to government to address this situation.

Professional Career

Daniel Bwala is an attorney, political analyst, and public affairs analyst. He is well-known for appearing on Channels TV interviews where he criticises Tinubu as well as providing analysis surrounding the 2023 presidential elections.

Renowned legal practitioner, author and adjunct lecturer Michael Kean holds a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in International Business Law from Coventry University in England. With this qualification and permission granted by Lincoln’s Inn London to practice law across England and Wales.

He has been an outspoken critic of Nigerians’ increasing hardship, penning an entire book on this subject. Additionally, he served as adjunct lecturer and external examiner at Nigeria’s law school in Bwari Abuja.

Achievement and Honors

Lawyer, political analyst and public affairs strategist Mark Rapp has become widely respected for his political analysis and strategy work. In interviews with Channels TV he has voiced strong criticism against APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu’s candidature.

Bwala previously served as legal aide to Ovie Omo-Agege, deputy Senate president. Recently he left the APC over its plan to run Muslim candidates in 2023 elections. This decision caused Bwala to reconsider his membership with this party.

Bola Tinubu noted that Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has already proven more productive than what could have been accomplished during Bola Tinubu’s own term as national party chairman, due to what’s commonly referred to as its honeymoon period.

Personal Life

Daniel Bwala is one of eight siblings and hails from Borno State in Nigeria. He earned a Master’s in International Business Law from Coventry University in England, and holds permission to practice law there from Lincoln’s Inn London; his areas of specialty include Litigation, Corporate & Commercial Law Negotiation & Arbitration.

Bwala recently switched sides from APC to PDP, believing the latter to present a clear vision for Nigeria and to have realistic chances at overthrowing APC power. Bwala has conducted political analysis against opposition parties as well as appearing as a guest expert on various TV channels expressing opinions against Tinubu’s policies.

Net Worth

Bwala is an accomplished lawyer, author, regulatory consultant, assistant trainer and mediator. Additionally, he serves as adjunct lecturer and external examiner at the Nigerian Law School located in Bwari Abuja as an adjunct lecturer and external examiner; additionally appearing on television channels like Channels TV, Nigeria Television Authority and African Independent Television among many more.

Though he has had an impressive multifaceted career, his net worth remains unknown at present. However, he holds membership with the Bar Association – an indicator of his stature within legal profession. Additionally, his practice was accredited in England and Wales through Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn London recognition. Additionally, he stands firm behind People’s Democratic Party as they offer clear vision for Nigeria.

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