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Daniel Church is a multiskilled journalist currently working for WGRZ Buffalo in New York. She joins the 2 on Your Side team after serving as an investigative reporter and weekend anchor/producer in Fargo, North Dakota; she’s thrilled to trade -40 degree temperatures for Buffalo sunshine!

Daniel Church is a contemporary artist working in wood carving and canvas painting. Following in the tradition of his ancestors’ cultural arts practice, he finds comfort sharing his totem, the wooden pelican.

Early Life and Education

Bishop Daniel has served as an invaluable mentor for numerous young clergy, such as Donald Connors, Clifford Auth, Richard Allard and Joseph Celentano. Under his tutelage they have flourished greatly and made remarkable accomplishments in their careers.

He is active in both civic and religious organizations, serving as Chairman of the Chicago Baptist Institute Board of Trustees; Trustee for North Woodriver Baptist District Association and Member of Chicago City Council.

At that point, he began reading Church Fathers and exploring Orthodoxy. This eventually led him to enroll at St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary in South Bound Brook, New Jersey and earn his Master of Divinity degree – marking the start of his path towards becoming a priest.

Professional Career

Daniel Church is an award-winning journalist at WGRZ in Buffalo, New York. Prior to joining WGRZ she worked as a multimedia journalist and weekend anchor at KVRR-TV in Fargo, North Dakota – covering stories such as human trafficking and an abduction incident there.

Southwestern Theological Seminary appointed him Director of Student and Church Relations while earning two consecutive degrees there. Additionally, he managed aspects of its spring revival practicum – an annual program where Southwestern students go out into local churches over spring break to preach revival sermons – before leaving to pursue cultural arts practice on Gunaikurnai Country in Victoria Australia.

Achievement and Honors

At Saint Daniel’s time, there was a widespread belief that God was all-powerful – an idea which left worshippers struggling to feel close to him, so many turned to saints for assistance in connecting with their Creator.

Saint Daniel became famous during his 33 year and three month stay atop a column, during which time he healed the sick, exorcised demons, and offered advice to royalty.

Daniel was also renowned for his religious devotion and dedication. At one point he was threatened by jealous rivals; an angel appeared and saved his life, showing everyone that Daniel truly was a saint. This became one of Daniel’s signature acts.

Personal Life

Saint Daniel left his family at twelve to join a monastery and would remain there until age 35, during which time he visited many important people and places during this time, sharing visions with the church later.

His visions usually involved helping barren women become pregnant or exorcising possessed children, so that soon he became famous for his dedication to religion and quickly attracted an extensive following. For nine years he stayed atop this pillar with only an open window left for public communication; this earned him the name St. Daniel the Stylite; this monument was constructed by Gelanius as an act of honor to him.

Net Worth

Daniel Church has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million due to his extensive religious leadership role and earns between an estimated annual salary of $40-110K.

He is an American pastor currently serving as lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington and founding Calvary Chapel New Brunswick in New Jersey. Additionally he has planted multiple churches including Calvary Chapel Mill Valley and Calvary Chapel San Francisco.

He is married to Jackie Groves, whom he had been in a relationship with for five years before marrying 18 years ago. Together they travel around leading worship for evangelists and conferences around the country – hoping that through their songs people may come closer to finding peace and healing from within themselves and from God.

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