Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker – A Computer Programmer

Daniel Crocker has led an extraordinary life, packed with knowledge. He has spent much time conducting research and exploring his surroundings.

He has founded numerous companies and done remarkable work in education, science, business and technology – as well as contributing to polio eradication efforts.

Early Life and Education

Vint Cerf was his best friend at UCLA, while John Crocker “limped through school”, striving to pursue computer science with every interest. John had an admirable sense of self-assurance, willing to make sacrifices to pursue what mattered most in life.

He amassed wealth in Sacramento through cotton mills he owned and his investments in the Central Pacific Railroad with Collis P. Huntington, Mark Hopkins and Charles Crocker.

In 1999, this man perpetrated a horrific crime by attempting to rape and then smother a woman to death. For this act of violence he was sentenced to 20 to 60 years in prison with parole eligibility possible after 10 years; neither his victim’s family or their loved ones show any empathy towards him. During prison ministry services at his facility he frequently quoted scripture from both Old Testament and New Testament books of the Bible as source material.

Professional Career

Dan Crocker’s career has taken him around the globe. From searching for oil in West Africa to designing strategies for Silicon Valley startups and protecting American investments abroad. A business leader and former United States diplomat with unparalleled international experience and connections.

Now as Davidson’s John and Ruth McGee Director of the Dean Rusk International Studies Program, he wants to share this knowledge with students. According to him, studying or living abroad for even a semester or summer can open their eyes up to different cultures and perspectives and serve them well no matter the field they ultimately choose for work.

Achievement and Honors

He’s an outstanding English instructor; providing minimal feedback but is extremely relaxed. Class becomes engaging through group discussions and reworking papers if they were completed poorly. Plus he has hilarious sex stories! I could go on and on about how awesome and cool he is as an individual – one of my best teachers yet!

He received a Fulbright Scholarship to Tver State University in Russia and has written two books as well as numerous book reviews, articles, and journal articles which have been cited by scholars, students, and politicians alike.

His and Brenda’s legacy lives on at North Carolina Wesleyan University in Rocky Mount. Through the Nell Rose Ellis Boone Crocker Endowment, students in northeastern North Carolina who demonstrate academic success and good character can qualify for scholarships from this endowment fund.

Personal Life

Crocker is an intelligent individual, yet often unaware of real world events and preferring fairytales over reality. He enjoys comic books and often makes jokes about Kevin’s obsession.

Daniel meets Ron Burke through his church’s men’s society, where both are members. While grieving from losing his wife, Burke finds solace and connection through this men’s group – where Daniel confides a secret of his to him and vice versa.

Crocker was charged with murdering a 19-year-old woman in 1999, yet due to his Christian conscience he surrendered himself for prosecution by Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison and was eventually sentenced to 20-60 years of incarceration for this horrendous act.

Net Worth

Computer Programmer Daniel Crocker’s net worth has been estimated at $5 Million. He is married with two children and an evangelical Christian. Daniel is well known for rewriting Wikipedia software to address scaling issues; he was born July 3rd 1963 in Valdosta Georgia.

Crocker was raised in a religious household but became addicted to LSD and marijuana. While high, he went into Fresquez’s apartment drunk and high and attempted to rape her; upon hearing of this attempt at sexual violence against her screams for help, Crocker became so ashamed he turned himself in immediately afterward.

Within weeks, the parole board will make their decision on Crocker’s release from imprisonment. While relatives of his victim oppose it, others do support his return to society; the prosecutor, on the other hand, wishes for him to serve a full prison term.

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