Daniel Croson

Daniel Croson, a Carteret School Board Member and Director of Strategy at Newark Opportunity Youth Network

Daniel Croson serves as Director of Strategy at Newark Opportunity Youth Network and also participates in Warren Recreation Advisory Committee and Lions Club activities.

Croson submitted a letter to the Director requesting a waiver of the 30% set-aside requirement, however this request was denied by him.

Early Life and Education

Croson earned his degree in Political Science at Kean University and has been teaching ever since 2013. Additionally, he currently sits as a member of Carteret Board of Education and lives with his wife on Fairfield Avenue in Warren. When not teaching or at board meetings he enjoys going for long distance runs and drinking coffee.

He was recently chosen to fill Michael Marion’s vacant township committee seat following his resignation, supporting Tom Kean and voting against curriculum that did not comply with state education standards. A complaint by resident Peter Doss that Croson used his position on the board for political gain was ultimately disapproved of as lacking enough facts and evidence to substantiate such accusations against Croson.

Professional Career

Daniel Croson has spent several years working in education as both a teacher and leader of non-profit educational organizations. A graduate from Kean University with a degree in political science, Daniel also serves on Carteret Board of Education and as Director of Community Development for Borough of Carteret.

Croson is currently serving on the Warren Board of Education as Chairperson of Finance and Parent Liaison Committees and Treasurer for Warren Republican Municipal Committee; additionally he belongs to township Lions Club.

In 2017, Croson was appointed by the township Committee to fill Michael “Mick” Marion’s seat upon his resignation, with Peter Doss stating that Croson violated school ethics regulations by voting against a new health and physical education curriculum. At that same time, however, state School Ethics Commission dismissed Doss’ complaint against Croson that was brought forth that same year.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Croson has been an active member of the Carteret Board of Education since 2013, serving as both Finance Committee chair and Parent Liaison Committee chair. Additionally, Daniel worked as both 4th grade teacher and Dean of Students before joining Lions Club and Honorary Police Benevolent Association memberships. At present, he serves as Director of Strategy at Newark Opportunity Youth Network and lives on Fairfield Avenue in Warren. In January, the School Ethics Commission denied resident Peter Doss’ complaint that Croson violated school ethics rules when he voted against an attempt at curriculum change that would have put the district outside compliance with New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Furthermore, this panel had already dismissed an additional claim alleging Croson improperly used his position to advance Tom Kean Jr’s political ambitions in Congress.

Personal Life

Daniel Croson lives on Fairfield Avenue with his wife Anjli. Daniel is a member of both the Lions Club and Recreation Advisory Committee for his town. A graduate of Kean University, Daniel can often be found reading Harry Potter with a cup of coffee nearby. Croson was recently appointed by the Warren Township Committee to fill an opening created by Michael “Mick” Marion’s resignation from Newark Opportunity Youth Network; previously he taught fourth grade and served as Dean of Students. In September, Croson hosted a meeting of the Parents Voice Coalition along with then-Congressional candidate Tom Kean Jr. The state School Ethics Commission later dismissed a claim from resident Peter Doss that Croson violated the School Ethics Act by using his position on the Board of Education to advance partisan goals.

Net Worth

Croson is an experienced political operative with extensive local government experience, serving as the youngest elected official ever elected in Carteret and serving on Warren Board of Education as an elected member. Additionally, he serves as Deputy Director of Strategy at Newark Opportunity Youth Network while living with his wife in Warren. They enjoy long distance running together and coffee. Recently, state School Ethics Commission rejected a complaint brought forth against Croson from one of his neighbors alleging he used his board position for political gain.

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