Daniel Danese

The Life of Daniel Danese

Early Life and Education

John Danese was born on a month day, birth place Florida to Luigi Danese and Maria Danese (nee Garzetta). He had two siblings; Dometilla Losco (also born Danese) and Alexarindo “Alex” Danese.

On July 10, 2005 at age 20, he wed Rubye Mai Danese Jr in Florida, at marriage location. They had one child: Danny Danese.

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John F Danese was born in Ohio to Dominic Domenico Danese and Virginia “Vergie” Danese (nee Patete). He had five siblings; Mary Louise Danese, Anna Marie DeVito/De Vito and four other brothers and sisters. On death date (Month Day in Death Place – New York) aged 54 he passed away.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel was honored as Middle School Student of the Month for February 2019. His Christ-like behaviors make him a true example, always treating people with respect and being willing to pitch in when needed – rather than make any waves by raising his voice! Daniel is truly a friend to all and truly enjoys being around others.

Regis was involved in an accident Thursday evening while conducting a show at Goiania’s BR 153 theater. Daniel, his cantor, gave an interview for Gshow and shared details regarding this accident while explaining to commenters that there might be recovery options available to them.

John Danese was born in the United States on May 11, 1926 and married Ruby the following year. Together they had one son, Danny Danese.

Personal Life

Dan was an amazing father, grandfather, and uncle who could always be counted upon to drop whatever they were doing and assist a friend who needed his assistance – truly an ambassador of humanity.

He was also an active part of his community and served as an Avon Councilman, President of 3B’s Investment Club and was active at St Mary’s Catholic Church. Additionally, he enjoyed sports and was an avid walker.

Currentlty, he does not have a partner and prefers not to share details of his personal life with the media. His family provides strength and support; two granddaughters and a grandson. Riley makes amazing fried catfish dishes which he devours with relish!

Net Worth

Shera Danese prefers remaining low profile, opting to remain out of any rumors and controversy surrounding herself. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Additionally, She has black eyes.

She has been involved with various philanthropic endeavors and contributes to Last Chance for Animal (LCA) since 2015.

He resides in Redondo Beach, California and does not disclose an exact date of his birth; he appears to have been born between 1984 and 1982. He attended Cate School before later earning a graduate degree from University of Pennsylvania.

He has been serving many prominent brands like Nike, DC Comics, Adidas and Crispin Porter as a Managing Partner and Director of Brand Strategy – earning an excellent income from each.

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