daniel dilemma

The Daniel Dilemma

Early Life and Education

As a boy, Daniel could do nothing about his family’s decision to relocate from Jerusalem to Babylon, an alien and heathen empire; yet, he could choose how he responded to this new culture – with either bitterness or grace and humility. Daniel ultimately chose the latter response.

Rand Hummel draws upon his over twenty years of Christian camp experience to craft this study on Daniel and offer biblical principles to empower today’s teenagers in living courageously in a world that rejects God. It can be used in tandem with Daniel Dilemma video study (sold separately), providing video discussion questions, Bible exploration materials, personal study/reflection materials in between sessions as well as First 5 app access.

Personal Life

Sooner or later, every teenager will come up against peer pressure that challenges their spiritual beliefs. This study illustrates how Daniel can provide them with courage to stand firm in their faith. Rand Hummel draws from decades of Christian camp experience to develop fourteen Laws of Courageous Leadership from Daniel that apply directly to real-life challenges they encounter as teens today. They help students see how Daniel managed to serve God without giving in to pagan culture around him – showing them an example they can follow without compromise of beliefs and values and without becoming rude, insulting or mad at others around him – showing them how he managed to serve God without giving in or giving into pagan culture around him – showing them an example that will enable them stand firm against peer pressure from other teens – giving hope that courage comes from Daniel himself and not from giving in!

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