Daniel Franc

Dr Daniel Franc

Daniel Franc, an expert neurologist based out of California, provides PQMEs, AMEs and independent medical evaluations. With experience in functional MRI, DTI and fMRI technologies – functional MRI can also be done.

Daniel is a Hebrew personal name with meaning translated into Latin as ‘God is Judge”. This term was frequently used as an ordinary Christian name up until 13th century.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Chester French was born in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1850 to Henry Flagg French a lawyer and judge. As his family relocated between Cambridge, Amherst and Concord in 1867; becoming neighbors with Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Alcotts; this decision may have played into Daniel’s decision to pursue sculpture as a career path.

French began his career by creating portrait busts and reliefs of prominent figures. Additionally, he designed popular figurines that generated royalties – this helped fund his first trip abroad to Europe in 1870.

While in Europe, he spent some time living and working in Florence with Thomas Ball, another sculptor. Additionally, he studied under renowned neoclassical sculptor Preston Powers whose studio provided valuable experiences that would shape his style and add considerably to his reputation. This period proved formative in shaping both of their styles.

Professional Career

Daniel Franc is a board-certified neurologist specializing in treating neurological issues at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. His mission is to offer patients exceptional care with cutting edge tools and technologies while remaining an active researcher.

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Achievement and Honors

Franc was an exuberant jokester and adventurer who was always making people around him laugh. As a dedicated husband and father, spending time with his family gave him great pleasure; especially participating in his daughters’ girlie activities or taking them on outdoor excursions.

Attractively dressed, he has appeared in various television and theater productions as an actor and also written and directed films, garnering multiple awards and nominations. At Columbia University he taught screenwriting; at film festivals he is frequently invited as guest speaker to lecture about cinematic censorship to students; additionally he advised on several projects as an advisor.

Personal Life

Dr. Daniel Franc is a board-certified neurologist who offers his services at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

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Net Worth

Daniel Chester French is an American sculptor with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Born April 20, 1850 in Exeter, New Hampshire – Ralph Waldo Emerson was his close associate and friend.

According to SEC Form 4 filings, Daniel Franc owns one company in the US – CNA Financial Corp (CNA). Over the past five years he made one purchase-sale transaction within CNA – see here for further information on his insider trades.

He currently sits on the boards of both euNetworks and Nutmeg and owns a $12 Million mansion in Zumikon, Switzerland.

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