Daniel Gast

Daniel Gast – A Judicial Referee For the East Central Judicial District Court

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Early Life and Education

Daniel Gast is an attorney practicing in Fargo, North Dakota who was recently appointed by Presiding Judge John Irby as a judicial referee for the East Central Judicial District Court and will oversee juvenile, traffic and small claims cases in that capacity.

Grown in Moorhead, Minnesota and graduating from the University of North Dakota. He later relocated to Fargo where he held private practice work for several years.

He was an incredible family man who deeply cherished his 10 grandchildren above all else in the world. Additionally, he was known to be loyal friend and was well respected among both friends and family members who knew him well. All who came into contact with him were impressed with his strong values and deep affection for people. He is survived by his wife Karen Evenson; daughter Anne Toy; son Daniel; grandchildren Hannah Koby Ahren Kaya

Professional Career

As Tomas Vergis manages Graystone Industries to improve its public image, former CEO Daniel Gast plots his return. By exploiting his knowledge of board members and blackmailing them into voting him back as CEO – which in turn leads one member, Cornell Gast, to attempt suicide (CAP: “Know Thy Enemy”).

GDD Agent Jordan Duram visits Clarice Willow in her cabin where she’s taking a shower, hoping to uncover any links between her polytheist beliefs and the Soldiers of the One (STO). However, Clarice insists it is possible for STO members to live a double life within their ranks.

Gast is an experienced North Dakota attorney who was recently appointed by Presiding Judge John Irby to the East Central Judicial District Court. Before then, he owned his own law firm and represented both children and parents in juvenile court proceedings.

Achievement and Honors

Gast has received many prestigious professional accolades and numerous awards and honors for his efforts across a range of issues, particularly his efforts in community service and sustainability. Lehigh University even awarded him with a distinguished scholarship award.

Cornell is blackmailed by Daniel Graystone into voting against Tomas Vergis at Graystone Industries in order to appease Helen and their children, fearing Daniel may reveal illegal activity committed by Cornell himself and drive him over the edge. Before taking his life he leaves a note for them all before ending it all himself.

Personal Life

Daniel Gast is a judicial referee for the East Central Judicial District and was appointed by Judge John Irby in 2021. Prior to being appointed he managed his own law firm and represented children and parents during juvenile court proceedings; additionally he earned a law degree at University of North Dakota.

The FBI discovered child pornographic videos featuring adults abusing young children on Gast’s laptop at his Plantation home and posted online, where authorities traced back his IP address and confirmed he attempted to share these with others online.

He leaves behind numerous nieces and nephews in Wisconsin as well as across the US; as well as great-nieces and great-great-nieces. Additionally, Helen survived him.

Net Worth

He currently resides at 1529 Theimer Street in Cedar Falls and has lived there since 2001. He is married to Rosemary A Gast and they have three children together.

In February, he was arrested by the Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force on suspicion of advertising child pornography over public peer-to-peer networks and charged with one count of criminal sexual penetration of a minor.

He had a net worth of $353 thousand as of 10 March 2014, according to free public records. He owns at least 1,373 units of Yellow stock and has conducted at least three trades since 11 years ago in YRCW stock.

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