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Dan Gooden Dies at the Age of 69

Dan Gooden, who underwent open-heart surgery the day after his son Dwight Gooden pitched a no-hitter last May, passed away Friday night in Tampa at age 69. Both father and son enjoyed a special relationship; often flying together to Yankee Stadium from their Tampa home nearby.

Early Life and Education

Gooden made his major league debut for the Mets in 1984 and quickly established himself as a star young player, setting an National League rookie strikeout record and receiving Rookie of the Year honors.

Gooden had an exceptional 1985 campaign, winning the Cy Young Award and leading his league in wins, earned run average and strikeouts. This performance gave rise to discussion of him being considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Gooden was plagued with alcohol and drug dependency off the field, spending much of 1987 away from his Mets teammates at spring training awaiting treatment at a Manhattan substance abuse clinic instead. Relapse occurred during a players strike in 1994 when he began using cocaine again – never fully recovering his form again.

Professional Career

Gooden was an accomplished baseball player but struggled with drug abuse and injuries during his professional career. In 1987 he spent spring training not with the Mets but at a Manhattan substance abuse clinic attempting to overcome his addictions.

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Achievement and Honors

Gooden earned letterman status in both baseball and basketball at Griffin High School under coach Kevin Mobley, earning regional AAAAA champion status as a senior. At Missouri, Gooden is majoring in entrepreneurship; choosing it over Oklahoma, Purdue, Kansas or Texas Tech as his university.

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Personal Life

Gooden’s father Dan worked at a chemical plant in Tampa and coached a semi-professional baseball team there. Unfortunately, due to a heart condition he used dialysis machines for over 10 years; then on the day Gooden threw a no-hitter his father had open heart surgery before passing away in hospital the following day.

He was signed by the Mets and began his professional career in the Rookie Appalachian League, quickly making his way through minors to reach big leagues in 1984.

Gooden married Melissa in 1995 and currently resides in Bangor with their two sons Chase and Colson. In addition to practicing chiropractic he lectures on nutrition and wellness lifestyle topics. His certifications in functional rehabilitation, prenatal, and pediatric care is recognized by both International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and Maine Chiropractic Association.

Net Worth

Daniel Gooden, an esteemed former professional baseball player from America has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. Most of this wealth was amassed from his time playing MLB.

Gooden made his MLB debut at 19 in 1984 and quickly rose to become one of the greatest pitchers of his era, receiving numerous awards such as Rookie of the Year and Cy Young Awards from both leagues.

Gooden was born November 16th 1964 in Tampa, Florida to parents Dan (Cargill Corporation) and Ella (a local hall, pool and nursing home manager). Gooden attended Hillsborough High School before going on to Florida State University – his education continued after that as well! Currently married with four children under his care – Gooden will make an exemplary leader of tomorrow!

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