Daniel Gorelick

Daniel Gorelick, Ph.D., is a Philanthropist and Artist

Daniel Gorelick graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in music – because it was enjoyable – while simultaneously taking numerous science course requirements and electives, including upper-level science electives. Now studying how endocrine disrupting compounds that mimic human estrogens affect embryonic development using zebrafish models as his research model, Daniel now conducts clinical trials utilizing these chemicals on mice as models for human subjects.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Gorelick grew up in a family that valued philanthropy. His grandparents, Sonia and Abraham Luski, were major arts patrons and donors in Charlotte; many local venues feature their heirlooms on display today. Furthermore, the family believed strongly in giving back through religious and educational organizations.

The Luski-Gorelick Foundation has made substantial donations to both Levine Children’s Hospital and Charlotte Country Day School as well as Shalom Park in Charlotte – a campus with religious, educational and cultural centers – as well as supporting its Gorelick Center for Precision Environmental Health at UAB.

Dan pursued both music and science courses during his undergraduate degree; music “for fun”, while science courses provided him an edge toward Johns Hopkins University where he received his Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Medicine.

Professional Career

Gorelick was bold enough to tackle one of the issues many job-seekers fear by inquiring about parental leave policies of institutions he was applying to for postdoctoral work at Carnegie Institution of Science – something most job applicants shy away from doing. His curiosity impressed the institution and they offered him employment.

His lab at the University of Alabama Birmingham employs the zebrafish model to study how chemicals known to disrupt hormones have an impact on embryonic development.

Jamie Gorelick is an esteemed political operative and attorney based out of Washington DC who is well known for drafting a memo that severely limited information sharing between law enforcement agencies and intelligence services, something many experts attribute as contributing to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Jamie works at WilmerHale law firm.

Achievement and Honors

His laboratory specializes in investigating how chemicals and toxicants disrupt embryonic development, with particular attention paid to how endocrine-disrupting chemicals and related toxicants impact it. He has published extensively on this subject matter, and serves as editor of Biology Open.

He is also the host of The Science of Health and Wellness radio show on WJLA in Washington, DC, plays guitar, composes songs and has recorded an album called Paradise.

On April 25, 1998, Gorelick received the Friends of the Law Library’s prestigious Wickersham Award at their annual dinner held at the Supreme Court building. A number of speakers paid her tribute, such as Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former Defense Secretary James Baker and former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno; Abe Krash from Miller Cassidy Larroca & Lewin also provided remarks in her honor.

Personal Life

Gorelick was known for her paintings of middle-aged couples in the 1970s. She employed various poses and psychological states of her subjects in her paintings; such as Tess in a Blue Dress and Dr. Joseph Barnett I which depict the figures inside paneled offices – this work showcases Gorelick’s interest in psychoanalytic theory.

Gorelick began exploring the visual language of twentieth-century realism during this time, reinterpreting works such as Giorgione’s Concert Champetre and Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon as well as her Three Graces series.

Gorelick’s research is currently focused on investigating the effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on zebrafish embryonic development, using them as an easy model organism that shares many similar genes with human cells.

Net Worth

At September 30th 2022, Gorelick had an estimated worth of $178 Million.[1] She serves on numerous charitable boards such as John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Urban Institute and Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.

Ellen Berty, grandmother to Glenn and Dennis Gorelick and Emily Montanaro as well as mother of Kira Gorelick, gifted each one-fifth share in BAP to Glenn as trustee for each. However, in 1996 Dennis and Emily conveyed their interests directly to Kira’s brother Glenn Gorelick (then Glenn’s trustee).

This was in violation of the partnership agreement which stipulated that transfers of ownership would only become effective with unanimous agreement from all partners, and infringed upon transfer tax laws as well.

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