Daniel Grantham

Daniel Grantham

Daniel Grantham is an American stock car driver. He competes in the 1300 stock cars at King’s Lynn. Born in Old Pleasant Hill, Louisiana.

Hiram ran the country store at the crossroads before later building a fine home to suit his times directly across the road from him. Today it is owned by one of the local families and used as an outdoor wedding venue.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was an enthusiastic outdoorsman who relished hunting and riding his four-wheeler. A true Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, Daniel lived a full and generous life surrounded by friends.

He was best-known for his portrayal of Reggie Jackson on Call the Midwife television series six. Following his mother’s passing away, Reggie moved in with Fred Buckle.

He had refused offers to return to EastEnders over time, believing its storylines weren’t suitable. Instead, he later married Paula Rickman in 1995 and had one daughter together; later that same year he died at age 71 in 2018. In his memory his family has established a memorial fund.

Professional Career

Daniel Grantham serves as Director of Oncology Services at Southeast Health in Dothan and previously at Aylo Health in Stockbridge Florida. He holds an Associate’s degree in Applied Science as well as certification in Radiology.

He specializes in wood and stone sculpture that gives voice to elements of nature both large and small, which have been featured at exhibitions worldwide and collected as permanent works.

Grantham became embroiled in a deadly struggle with a taxi driver who later shot himself during his service with the British army in West Germany. Following this event, he was charged and convicted of murder; serving out his sentence in British prisons before returning to acting after release – making an appearance at Lincoln Theatre Royal’s production of A Christmas Carol as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Achievement and Honors

Grantham distinguished himself during his professional baseball career with single-season performances that had yet to be equalled for decades. His 1929 performance as a Pirate second baseman stood out, as he led the league with 97 RBIs while walking more often than striking out.

Grantham was an eminent professor at Vanderbilt University, where he made significant contributions to its graduate history program and historiography of twentieth-century South. He wrote several books on southern history and politics – among them his Charles S. Sydor award-winning biography of Hoke Smith.

Grantham is also renowned for his artwork as an accomplished artist whose sculptures made of natural wood and stone are collected on both national and international platforms. These unique creations pay homage to natural elements with both microscopic details as well as grand statements.

Personal Life

Daniel Grantham is a professional sales manager for CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels of Wicksburg, Alabama. In this position, he oversees relationships with regional and national distributors while working closely with field representatives. Furthermore, Daniel strives to increase brand and product awareness.

Grantham was best-known for playing Dirty Den Watts on EastEnders; however, his late father Leslie was notoriously private about his family life and charitable endeavors. Leslie himself raised funds for Down’s Syndrome Association; Danny even appeared as Reggie Jackson after his mother passed away and moved in with Fred Buckle as Reggie lived at their family estate in series 6.

Sgt. Hallman noted during the traffic stop that Grantham wasn’t wearing his seat belt and asked him to turn around with his hands on the trunk, asking to be patted down for safety purposes.

Net Worth

Daniel Laurie has found great success as an actor. He is best-known for playing Reggie Jackson in BBC drama series Call the Midwife.

He has also appeared in Vera and Stella. Most recently, in 2019 he appeared as Jeffrey Augustine on CW horror crime drama Riverdale.

Leslie was best-known for playing Den Watts on EastEnders from 1985 to 1989 before returning in 2003 before ultimately being killed off permanently. Leslie passed away in 2018.

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