Daniel Halseth

The Autopsy of Daniel Halseth Revealed

The autopsy report of Daniel Halseth’s body showed forty-two stab wounds. One wound sliced through a major artery in his neck. Multiple weapons were used to attack the body, with one wound appearing to have been caused by a saw. The autopsy also revealed that he was burned over 40 percent of his body. The autopsy also found that he had purchased bleach, lighter fluid, and a chainsaw from a local WinCo supermarket.

Sierra Halseth and Daniel Guerrero were dating from June 2010 until December 2020. Sierra’s parents prohibited them from seeing eachother during this period. In the months before Daniel’s death, they allegedly conspired to kill her father. The two stabbed him multiple times and attempted to dismember his body. The Halseth family became concerned when Daniel stopped responding to messages.

Police claim that Sierra Halseth attacked her father 70 times before setting fire to his body. The autopsy revealed that Sierra had used her father’s debit card to purchase items. He was also allegedly seen with Sierra’s boyfriend, Aaron Guerrero. The autopsy results are a shocking revelation and the two are now facing charges. Sierra will likely be tried in court. The family will now look forward to the verdict.

On Tuesday, Mr. Halseth and Sierra Guerrero were arrested on suspicion of murder, conspiracy, arson, and robbery. The teens were not allowed to be released until trial. Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for Mr. Guerrero. Ms. Halseth has been charged as an adult. She has not yet commented publicly on the arrest of her daughter.

Sierra and Aaron discussed the murder of Daniel in the days after the murder. The murder scene was accompanied by gory images of the victim. There was also footage of weapons used. The crime scene contained footage of a chainsaw, scissors and knives as well as a handsaw. The tools that the alleged murderer had at his disposal were used. They also left behind a bloody chainsaw. Sierra and Aaron were in a relationship and were accused of murdering Daniel.

Sierra Halseth’s daughter is now a Nevada senator. She is also married a Las Vegas realtor. She was divorcing Daniel Halseth at time of the murder. She is also now known by her married name, Elizabeth Hegelian. She claimed that she had shared a bank account with her ex-husband. The court will sentence her on July 14.

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