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Daniel Handley, 9, Was Abducted, Sexually Assaulted and Strangled to Death on October 2, 1994 in Beckton, East London

Daniel was working on his bicycle in Beckton when two men in a Peugeot 405 pulled up next to him claiming they were lost, asking for directions on a map from him. When Daniel leaned inside to view them one of them pushed him inside before driving away with them.

Early Life and Education

On October 2, 1994, Daniel Handley went missing from his east London neighborhood of Beckton and was later abducted, sexually abused, and strangled to death.

Ed Williams had extensive experience investigating child abuse; prior to taking over the Handley case he led Woodford’s Child Abuse Investigation Team as well as two others.

He had access to NCIS’s central police data base of convicted paedophiles, which revealed that David Guttridge had told a psychiatrist in 1995 that Tim Morss, his then boyfriend, had abused children.

He found evidence of Alex having fantasies about murdering children but hadn’t taken any actions to do so. Both men were arrested and interrogated closely about Daniel’s disappearance.

Professional Career

Handley & Associates works with businesses from multiple industries – manufacturing, healthcare and education are just some examples – as well as local hotels such as Bavarian Inn Lodge & Conference Center.

Maxine Williams found herself living a mother’s nightmare as her son Daniel Handley went missing, yet she refused to succumb to despair and gave herself time and support from those closest to her.

One of the detectives working the Daniel case, Ed Williams, had previously served at Scotland Yard during its Operation Orchid investigation to identify paedophile networks which abducted, raped and murdered boys in the mid 1980s. While searching for Daniel, Ed contacted NCIS seeking access to its central database on convicted paedophiles which could have provided vital leads. Unfortunately this information had been mislaid.

Achievement and Honors

Handley has contributed his teaching expertise and published numerous scientific papers. Additionally, he contributed chapters for various books including Genetics for Clinicians and Medical Students textbook. Handley also presents guest lectures at different universities across the US.

Jeremiah Foltz and English teacher MacKenzie Vanover have developed a close friendship that extends far beyond the classroom walls. Jeremiah is part of the forensics team at school, while Vanover credits her success to hard work as well as support from friends and teachers.

Maggie Wise has earned straight A’s at Handley Elementary and plays volleyball on its team. She credits Carl Rush, a 1997 Handley graduate who left corporate life two years ago to return and teach at Handley. He attributes much of Maggie Wise’s success to Carl’s encouragement.

Personal Life

On 2 October 1994, Daniel Handley disappeared from his home in Beckton, east London while riding his BMX bike. Two men approached and grabbed him off the street, pretending they were lost. Daniel agreed but they then forced him into their car before driving off with him towards a minicab office where they sexually assaulted and videotaped themselves before strangling him before disposing of his body near M4. Several days later they returned back and dug his grave deeper.

Judge Steven Hogg condemned both individuals as ‘vultures’ and recommended they never be released from prison. Detective Williams led the investigation and distributed photos of them through press, and asked Crimewatch viewers to watch out for any signs they are acting suspiciously while in Bristol.

Net Worth

Handley misled plaintiff, through various tax and financial documents and statements, into believing he had transferred ownership of 30% of Green4All shares to plaintiff. Relying on these false representations, [plaintiff] worked at Green4All from 2011 until early 2017.

On 2 October 1994, Handley was fixing his bicycle chain when two men in a Peugeot 405 pulled up nearby and drove him to their flat where they sexually abused and murdered him.

Plaintiff filed claims of breach of contract, unjust enrichment and fraud against Handley, Green4All and JoeLex. A jury awarded restitution in regard to each breach contract/unjust enrichment/fraud claim while on the latter a court instructed its jury that it may award exemplary damages as part of its verdict.

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