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Bethann Hardison walks the walk – both on the runway and when it comes to creating change. As an influential model, agent and self-declared revolutionary in fashion industry diversity issues, Hardison has long championed diversity.

Early Life and Education

Ruth Inge Hardison was born in 1914 to sharecropper parents. Her acting career kicked off on Broadway with George Abbott’s 1936 adaptation of Uncle Tom’s Cabin entitled Sweet River; which brought critical acclaim.

After returning from war service in 1940, she continued her theater work by appearing in several plays and TV specials before landing the role of “Topsy” in the 1946 Broadway production of Anna Lucasta. She would continue acting both on stage and film until her death in 1974.

Her legacy lives on in her sons H. Huntley Hardison and Ross Hardison of State College, Pennsylvania; grandson Nathan Hardison from Sioux Falls, South Dakota; great grandchildren Raleigh Hardison Bow and Ozark Hardison both living in Searcy Arkansas. Funeral services were held Friday at Oakes & Nichols with burial at Polk Memorial Gardens.

Professional Career

Inge Hardison found great success performing on Broadway, including George Abbott’s adaptation of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Her portrayal of Topsy, an enslaved girl whose treatment doesn’t destroy her spirit and intelligence, won critical acclaim.

Hardison v. Trans World Airlines was brought before the Supreme Court for review in 1977. Hardison, then working in TWA’s Kansas City Stores Department as an employee in Kansas City and beginning to observe Sabbath was denied religious accommodation because TWA operated 24/7/365 and did not accommodate him with special religious accommodations.

Agent Harris has been instrumental in the success of numerous drug investigations. Most notably, he led an effort to dismantle an organized criminal enterprise in Hendry County. Furthermore, he completed training for cellphone forensics certification and regularly volunteers to take on additional assignments.

Achievement and Honors

Hardison is also an exceptional interpreter of R&B/soul classics from the ’60s and ’70s pop repertoire, such as her 2016 album Come Together which showcased her distinctive interpretations of familiar standards as well as new approaches to them.

Bethann Hardison can be proud of much in her life, yet is far from finished. As a model she broke ground and made a name for herself. Furthermore, as founder of the Diversity Coalition she serves as an indispensable advocate.

In 2014 she was honored by the CFDA along with Tom Ford and Raf Simons, as a recipient of their Fashion Funded Achievement Awards (CFDA). More recently she has made appearances in Rian Johnson’s KINGS as Obie alongside Halle Berry and Rick Ravanello; as well as playing Todd in an upcoming contemporary murder mystery called Glass Onion starring as one of its protagonists ‘Whodunit?

Personal Life

Hardison is married to Kristen, a Samford graduate and kindergarten teacher, with three sons together. In his free time he enjoys volunteering at his church, working out, playing drums and watching sports (especially UK basketball! ) as well as DIY projects around his house.

Hardison is an American artist renowned for her bronze busts of African-American activists and civil rights leaders such as Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr. She has long been a major presence on New York City’s art scene; regularly showing at prestigious institutions like New York Arts Club; she lives in Brooklyn NY; several of her paintings have been shown worldwide in galleries; while their themes span multiple genres.

Net Worth

Daniel Hardison remains relatively private about his assets; therefore, we don’t know exactly how much wealth he possesses; but we can assume he possesses significant fortune.

He is best-known for his role as Dwayne Wayne on A Different World, an offshoot of The Cosby Show that covered subject matters often avoided in its original series.

Hardison made his film debut as Spencer in 2023’s comedy Paddleton and can also be seen as Bowser in Teenage Bounty Hunters on Netflix. Additionally, he sits on the board of ATeam Ministries.

He was born in New York City on July 24th 1965 to Donald McFadden and Bethann Hardison – two well-known fashion models who later married – who later adopted his daughter Sophia. He later gained citizenship and his parents are Donald McFadden and Bethann Hardison who raised her along with Sophia as two American citizens.

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