Daniel Kochis

Daniel Kochis

Daniel Kochis is a Senior Policy Analyst for European Affairs at Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom. He specializes in transatlantic security issues such as NATO membership, US-Russia relations and Arctic issues.

He identified numerous threats to NATO, such as hybrid war involving disinformation or propaganda from Russia or China. Furthermore, he stressed the need for clarity over what NATO is doing and why.

Early Life and Education

Anna Kochis was born in 1883. In 1966 at age 83 she passed away and was interred at Holy Ghost Cemetery, Jessup Pennsylvania United States.

Edward R Pound was her husband; they shared one daughter. Additionally, she had four siblings.

Kochis attended Fordham University in New York and earned both Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude honors there. Additionally, he studied at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.

He married Anna Vollack in 1911, and they had two daughters together as well as three other siblings; she later died at age 92 in Florida and was interred at Highland Park Cemetery, Highland Hills, Ohio United States; she is survived by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Professional Career

Prior to joining The Heritage Foundation, Kochis managed government affairs efforts for a non-profit organization and conducted research for a large business consulting firm. He is a frequent media contributor and has provided expert analysis in hundreds of interviews for international and domestic outlets including Al-Jazeera English, Fox News, RealClearWorld, Forbes and The Washington Times. He specializes in European policy, regularly publishing on subjects like NATO, U.S.-Russian relations and Arctic security. In addition, he has given lectures at the Bucerius School of Global Governance as well as participating in projects like KAKEHASHI Project Japan and Think Transatlantic Study Tour Germany. Additionally, he holds a Master of Arts degree in Comparative Political Science from Fordham University.

Personal Life

Kochis is married and the proud parent of one child. In his free time he enjoys reading, traveling, attending concerts, history and political science studies as well as cooking – which he often shares on radio and television programs such as Fox News RealClearWorld or The National Interest.

He has participated in multiple international policy forums, such as the Bucerius School of Global Governance and KAKEHASHI Project Japan. Additionally, he presented at the Transatlantic Think Tank Conference in Brussels, Belgium as well as providing evidence before the United Kingdom House of Lords Select Committee for Arctic.

He serves as Senior Policy Analyst for European affairs in The Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom. He specializes in trans-Atlantic security matters, publishing regularly on NATO, U.S.-Russia relations and Arctic issues. In addition, he writes regional chapters of Heritage’s Index of US Military Strength annually.

Net Worth

Daniel Kochis has an estimated net worth of $2 Million and is an expert on European affairs, serving as a regular contributor to the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom. His expertise lies in trans-Atlantic security issues such as US policy in Europe, NATO relations, US-Russia relations and Arctic issues – regularly publishing articles focusing on these subjects as well as transatlantic security matters more generally. Prior to working at Heritage, Daniel led government affairs efforts for a non-profit organization before holding research and marketing positions at business consulting firms as well as holding government affairs efforts and research and marketing roles at business consulting firms before appearing hundreds of interviews on media such as Al Jazeera English Fox News RealClearWorld as media contributors.

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