Daniel Kotzin

Daniel Kotzin

Daniel Kotzin is an accomplished American history professor who has achieved much in his career. Additionally, he possesses a passion for teaching and extensive expertise on his subject matter.

He has taught courses on American and European history and pedagogy of history teaching. In addition, he has presented at multiple conferences as well as published several articles.

Early Life and Education

Kotzin was raised in Highland Park and attended Sullivan High School before receiving his bachelor’s degree from University of Chicago and doctorate degree from New York University respectively.

According to JUF, Kotzin was a centrist who took a balanced approach towards issues such as global anti-Semitism and the Jewish state of Israel, advocating for social justice and intergroup relations.

Kotzin specializes in American immigration history, the Civil War and modern Jewish history. He has published many articles and written the book Judah L. Magnes: An American Jewish Non-Conformist (Syracuse University Press 2010). Additionally he is interested in history pedagogy and has led workshops. Furthermore he is married to Jennifer Sey, former Levi’s president who resigned due to opposition of COVID lockdowns.

Personal Life

Kotzin, a stay-at-home dad and proponent of naturally acquired immunity through sunlight (to increase vitamin D production), fresh air, and regular exercise, strongly opposes vaccines as well as COVID lockdown procedures in the US.

Jennifer Sey, his wife, has four children from a previous relationship as well as two from Levi’s. She recently announced her resignation due to having differing views with Levi on vaccine and lockdown procedures.

Daniel has had an arduous journey to reach his current status. Through hard work and determination, his efforts have paid off and now he stands as one of the world’s most popular celebrities and role models for many people. Daniel still has plenty to give to this world and many achievements to look forward to in the future.

Professional Career

He is an esteemed author, historian, and academic who specializes in American immigration history, the Civil War, modern Jewish history, as well as teaching methodology pedagogy – offering workshops on this topic.

His current project involves investigating Irish soldiers during the American Civil War. To this end, he has published the book Judah L. Magnes: An American Jewish Nonconformist (Syracuse University Press 2010).

His professional goal is to reach as many people as possible, which is why his personal and business contact info are available across various platforms – making it easy for his fans to get in touch. He worked tirelessly towards reaching this position, yet is enjoying every step along the way; with such an upbeat perspective on life he serves as an inspirational force to all around him.

Net Worth

Jennifer Sey’s husband is known as Daniel Kotzin and identifies himself as an opponent of COVID-19 lockdown and other measures taken to reduce social disruption. Additionally, he supports Elizabeth Warren according to his Twitter profile.

After former Levi’s president Jennifer Sey resigned after disagreement over her COVID-19 views, her second husband publicly expressed his opposition to vaccination and natural immunity through exposure to sunlight, fresh air and regular exercise as a form of defense against coronavirus infection. They now live together in Colorado with four children named Virgil, Wyatt Oscar and Ruth as part of their family unit.

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