Daniel Kurkowski

Meet Daniel Kurkowski, a Democrat Running For Cape May County Democratic Committee Chairman

Daniel takes great pleasure in bringing people together to solve complex problems that benefit both the community and his relationships with them. He specializes in value-add commercial real estate investments using modern marketing techniques that distinguish Obsidian Group from competitors; he serves as a partner at Obsidian Group.

Early Life and Education

Marie Blistan once held one of the most powerful roles in state politics as head of the New Jersey Education Association; tonight she faces another test when vying to be elected Cape May County Democratic Committee chairman to succeed Daniel Kurkowski, who recently accepted an appointment to Superior Court judgeship and left his post behind this month.

Miss Kadioglu has been accused of striking Mr Kurkowski on the back of his head with a glass bottle of Stella Artois beer, inflicting lacerations and bleeding to his scalp as a result of this act of second degree assault. She stands accused in this matter.

Professional Career

Dynamic and innovative software developer with years of experience producing robust code for high-volume companies. Looking to put his first-class production design skills into play in his next role. He doubled code efficiency at ABC Inc and improved customer retention by 30% in prior roles.

Daniel Kurkowski was once chairman of the Cape May County Democratic Committee and is an attorney specializing in family law. Additionally, Daniel takes great pride in building relationships between people from various backgrounds.

Achievement and Honors

Kurkowski has also made significant strides toward furthering arboriculture through volunteerism. As founding member of Detroit Arboriculture Society and supporter of urban arboriculture through certification work as an arborist. Furthermore, he contributed funds to Arboriculture Society of Michigan Foundation through which the “DJ Kurkowski Memorial Scholarship” is bestowed annually.

This scholarship supports students and those working in arboriculture to become (ISA) Certified Arborists and attend ArborCon, the annual conference hosted by ISA-Michigan. Furthermore, this scholarship honors DJ Kurkowski who was tragically murdered during a bar fight on November 2o21 when Miss Kadioglu used Stella Artois bottles to hit him on the back of his head causing fatal head injuries.

Personal Life

Nothing gives Kurkowski greater pleasure than helping people to reach their potential – whether that means connecting them with their dreams or giving them a voice they never knew they had.

Julia Kadioglu was arrested after engaging in a bar fight with Till Bechtolsheimer at an investment banking event. She is accused of shoveling him after he accidentally bumped her while dancing; later she hit him in the head with a green glass bottle of Stella Artois beer, leaving a gash behind his head and leaving an arrest warrant issued for Julia Kadioglu’s arrest.

Net Worth

Daniel Kurkowski has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. As the founder of Obsidian Group, an investment firm that specializes in value-add commercial properties, his net worth is thought to have skyrocketed since 2008. Daniel believes in creating win-win situations with all his business partners while standing apart from competition with modern marketing techniques.

Till Bechtolsheimer, a banker friend of Prince William and Kate Middleton was involved in an allegedly violent bar brawl at a New York nightclub. Reveller Daniel Kurkowski allegedly shoved Mr Bechtolsheimer after accidentally bumping into him on the dancefloor; Julia Kadioglu then allegedly responded by smashing a bottle of Stella Artois beer over his head leaving him with an unpleasant gash on his scalp.

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