Daniel Lamping

Daniel Lamping

Achievement and Honors

Lamping is an accomplished teacher who brings his unique personality and genuine spirit to his classroom. He currently teaches AP Human Geography and Honors U.S History at Mehlville High School as well as being the sponsor for its Culture Club. Lamping believes teaching should go beyond simply providing information; rather, it should guide and assist his students towards becoming better people themselves. He often talks with his students about life struggles while encouraging them to consider things from multiple viewpoints. Furthermore, Lamping is also an avid caver and serves as president of Missouri Speleological Survey which connects cavers together.

Personal Life

Joseph Lamping served for 22 years with the Whittier Police Department in California as both patrolman and detective before being promoted to sergeant six years ago. His colleagues often described him as hard working and dedicated – once saving a 6-week-old infant by driving them directly to hospital while administering CPR in his squad car.

He is the proud parent of two children: James T LAMPING and Eugenia Bernal LAMPING; as well as being their grandfather.

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