Daniel LaRock

Daniel LaRock

Daniel Larock is an educator, scholar, and federal/state policymaker. Currently serving as President and CEO of Commonwealth Corporation – a public/private state authority focused on workforce development – as well as chairing its commission for digital innovation and lifelong learning which attracted significant investments from major foundations.

LaRock was part of the leadership team responsible for turning Northeastern University into one of the premier global research universities, and currently he holds an appointment as professor of practice in law and policy at this same institution.

Professional Career

Daniel LaRock is an esteemed educator, scholar, and policy expert in Massachusetts who is widely acclaimed for his work in education choice, pro-life issues, religious liberty concerns, 2nd Amendment protections and numerous commissions he serves on. Additionally he serves as president of Commonwealth Corporation which focuses on economic development and workforce training – his home state where he lives with his wife, children as well as two half-sisters.

Achievement and Honors

Dan and his wife have taken an unconventional route into non-profit ministry through their Rock Ranch. Through it they provide people with a place to encounter God while helping many families overcome adversity through their work in ministry.

Gary Murray enjoyed playing base with Gary Murray and the Drifters as well as Ham Radio operation, he and his family resided in Winthrop, New York.

Students enrolled in Larock’s lab have won an array of awards and honors. Colin Unger earned the best student presentation prize at the 2022 Larock Undergraduate Research Conference for his research on transition metal cholride formate compounds; Sahana Rajan from Ames Lab was recognized with 2016-17 Beckman Scholar status while Sydnee Green and Andrew Teuthorn from Kovnir Lab earned 2022 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Teacher-Scholar Award recipients.

Personal Life

As a family man, LaRock valued spending time with his wife Joanne and children. Together they homeschooled three of their youngest children and made it a priority to give them the best education possible. He was an outspoken supporter of religious liberty, 2nd Amendment rights, pro-life causes and fishing/hunting activities such as Ham Radio. LaRock resided in Berryville Virginia with his wife and youngest son as well as enjoying activities such as playing baseball with friends as well as fishing/hunting expeditions with his brother John Martindale from Argyle as well as numerous nieces/nepsieces/nephesippets/nephes/nephes/nephes/nephes/nephes/nepherepherephes/nephes/nesa/lorir/larock is survived by his mother, father, two sisters Samantha Larock of Granville Virginia along with two brothers-in-law John Martindale of Argyle Virginia as well as several nieces/nephes/nephes/nephes/nephes/nephes/nephes.

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