Daniel Lichtman

Meet Daniel Lichtman – An Expert in Connecting With People and Healing Wounds

Daniel is so willing as a facilitator and leader to open himself up in an honest, loving way that serves others through his presence and authenticity. His keen ability is picking up on subtle cues that lead to real transformation and unfolding.

Artist, educator and organizer working in game making, creative coding, performance, video installation and installation at galleries and museums such as The Drawing Center. His works have been displayed extensively.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Lichtman used microscopes and observed leaves flittering through his backyard pond as a child. Now an avid gardener himself, Daniel loves nature and enjoys tending his sprawling plot of land that brings people from all over the globe together in one spot.

Lichtman has long advocated the importance of communicating science to the general public. As such, he has taught several semester-long graduate courses on this topic as well as lectured for the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT.

At Bowdoin, he became involved in student activism and helped organize a multi-college war protest. Additionally, he co-directed a course called Talking About Science. Additionally, his artwork has been shown at various key galleries including The Drawing Center and Flat Time House in New York City.

Professional Career

Daniel Lichtman excels at connecting with people, creating meaningful relationships and healing wounds. His sharp eyes can detect subtle cues that lead to real transformation and unfolding among couples and individuals. Daniel’s passion lies in helping individuals discover meaning in their lives while healing past hurts while becoming more genuine with one another in interactions.

Mr. Lichtman has excelled as both an educator, organizer, and artist – his works having been featured at various galleries and museums around the country. Utilizing game making techniques such as creative coding and performance videography he has developed innovative works of inter-disciplinary art which have won him membership to both The Brooklyn Academy of Music and The Drawing Center.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Lichtman used his entrepreneurialism and management skills to establish both an in-vitro diagnostic instrumentation company and translational research firm. Additionally, he served as sales and marketing expert at several biotechnology firms he was associated with and used his sales/marketing acumen to drive growth. Dan received numerous accolades during his career including being awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Biomedical Association.

Late last year, Daniel Lichtman visited Barrington Hills for the first time to see his brother Marvin after an absence of thirteen years. Marvin showed Daniel around his 22-room mansion that was filled with treasures and eccentricities such as Kay Lichtman’s wigs and hats being displayed, plaques honoring Marvin for his achievements and financial contributions to organizations such as Mayo Clinic.

Personal Life

Daniel Lichtman has proven himself an invaluable asset to the company with his leadership and management abilities, especially his unique ability to understand other people’s needs and form effective teams. Additionally, his customer service abilities as well as strategic planning capabilities make him invaluable.

Bill Santen, Becky Brown, Jess Willa Wheaton and Daniel Lichtman use observation, conservation, hoarding, reconfiguring and reenactment techniques to transform existing material into something entirely new. Their diverse approaches – which draw from folklore, geoscience, Eddie Murphy and Fleetwood Mac sources among others – illustrate alternative means of processing and keeping hold of our current amount of information.

Daniel’s integrity and willingness to open himself up to others have resulted in an extraordinary experience for all who work with him. A true master of his craft, Daniel will help guide your path to achieving your highest potential.

Net Worth

Last fall, Daniel Lichtman met up with his older brother Marvin after 13 years and went to their Barrington Hills mansion for a tour – packed full with collector’s items, eccentricities and plaques commemorating their family achievements and financial contributions to places such as Mayo Clinic.

Authorities believe a group of thieves targeted this property for its value, taking jewelry, sculptures and other valuables before setting it all afire. Marvin and Kay Lichtman were found dead after being burned alive – their estate had an estimated worth of $10 million; no details are known regarding any wealth Guzman may possess, since he’s currently being housed at a high security prison which also houses terrorists, white collar criminals and mobster’s.

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