Daniel Littlefield

A Biography of Daniel Littlefield

Dan Littlefield dedicated his life to teaching and scholarship, co-founding the Sequoyah Research Center as well as publishing multiple books. He currently sits on Cherokee Nation’s Great State of Sequoyah Commission.

Littlefield conducted extensive searches of libraries to gather Indian newspapers and periodicals for his students during the 1970s. As a result, an archive was eventually established that serves scholars and researchers worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Littlefield is currently studying political theory, philosophy, feminist theory, social constructionism, hiking and family time at the University of Nevada Reno.

He spent much of his life working as a vocational educator and administrator, helping countless men and women – both abled and disabled — find work. For several years he served as Business Manager at Gadsden State Technical Institute before later serving as Director at Darden Rehabilitation Center – a United Way agency which trains people with disabilities for work in sheltered workshops or on contract with local companies.

Joel Anderson of UALR took an interest in what Littlefield and Parins were doing and provided resources for hiring graduate students, purchasing computers, and setting up a website – eventually endorsing plans for what became known as Sequoyah Research Center.

Professional Career

Littlefield began his mission of gathering Indian newspapers and periodicals in 1971 for research materials for his American Indian studies class at UALR. Over time, this task became the Sequoyah Research Center – now one of the country’s premier repositories.

Littlefield and Parins have amassed an extensive collection of Native American publications both hard copy and microfilm dating back to 1828, as well as press histories dating from that year. Over time they have assembled this archive with help from others including current Chancellor Joel Anderson who approved of their plan and offered Ottenheimer Library space as an ideal location.

Once Tiny Universe went on hiatus, Littlefield joined Blu Sirkut before later creating Klozd Sirkut. Additionally he taught one-on-one trumpet instruction at Drum School.

Achievement and Honors

Littlefield’s research has led him to write several books and garner grants from organizations such as the National Endowment for the Humanities, Institute of Southern and Negro History at Johns Hopkins University, and other institutes. Furthermore, Littlefield served as a consultant to National Park Service on matters pertaining to Cherokee Nation Dawes Commission and Indian Removal.

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Personal Life

Littlefield combines teaching and work at the Sequoyah Research Center with publishing books, having produced several titles on topics such as Indian removal and the Five Civilized Tribes.

He and Parins were able to locate the materials they required from libraries across the country, often visiting multiple on the same day.

Researchers credit current UALR chancellor Joel Anderson with helping establish the center. Anderson recognized the significance of their collection and provided funding to hire a staff member and rent storage space at Ottenheimer Library.

Winifred Williams serves as staff and benefits director at Honeywell International Aeronautics & Space Corp in Overland Park, Kan. Joe Littlefield works as payroll coordinator at Yellow Freightlines in Atlantic City.

Net Worth

Littlefield held numerous public and private company directorships during his career. Additionally, he chaired Stanford Graduate School of Business Management Center while also acting as trustee for Cate School and being involved with multiple professional associations.

Littlefield has made over one trade of Principal Inc stocks since 2018, purchasing 30,000 units worth $262,200 on 14 September 2018 and currently holding them.

Littlefield was found guilty of negligent homicide for the death of John Hartman, which occurred when Littlefield’s yacht collided with Hartman’s boat on Lake Winnipesaukee in 2002. Littlefield is currently serving his two-and-a-half year prison term at New Hampshire State Prison but plans on appealing the conviction.

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