Daniel Martino

Daniel Martino

Daniel Martino, an economist and graduate fellow at the Manhattan Institute who studies high-skill immigration policy, has made numerous television appearances and spoken at events throughout the country. Raised in Venezuela himself, he witnessed firsthand how socialist policies destroy economies while fighting for freedom – something which drives his work as an economist today.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was born in Hartford to middle-class parents. His grandparents left Italy and Spain behind in order to find better lives in Venezuela – then fourth richest nation on earth until socialism turned it into a poor and dangerous land.

Lumet’s film illustrates the hysteria and suffering experienced by children shuffled between overburdened relatives, child shelters and foster parents during that era. Additionally, it explores Paul and Rochelle Rosenberg who were arrested and executed as Communist Party activists; Timothy Hutton and Amanda Plummer give powerful performances as their parents.

Martino’s economic research on immigration and media appearances are well known; but beyond these achievements he also founded the Dissident Project to educate high school students about socialist regimes and serves on Young American Freedom’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise Board of Advisors.

Professional Career

Dan Martino has over two decades of experience as a safety professional. Beginning his career as a Health and Safety Consultant before serving almost ten years as Loss Control Consultant within the insurance industry. Now serving as Vice President of Risk Management for Hartford-based Propark Mobility.

He has published articles for USA Today and City Journal as an opinion writer and has shared his research on topics such as economics, foreign policy and immigration – often appearing on national television and speaking at events across the country. Additionally he’s a graduate fellow at Manhattan Institute and founded Dissident Project.

He credits his investment process with much of his success. He and his team try to avoid companies with earnings without cash to support them or “trade at crazy valuation multiples,” as well as industries in secular decline.

Achievement and Honors

Martino is widely respected and revered in football for his impressive footballing achievements and notable attacking style of play with high pressing. Additionally, he prefers playing out from the back using youth systems for support.

Martino led Newell’s Old Boys to many achievements during his time with them, such as winning the league title. Additionally, his first season coaching Barcelona saw great promise; unfortunately though his hopes for European glory were dashed when Atletico Madrid stole La Liga away on its last day of competition.

On 27 September 2016, Martino was hired as head coach of Major League Soccer expansion team Atlanta United and led them until the conclusion of the 2018 MLS season when he resigned his role.

Personal Life

Martino is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at Columbia University’s Department of Economics and serving as a graduate fellow with the Manhattan Institute. His research interests lie in high-skill immigration; he regularly appears as a guest on national television shows, attends events across the country and writes and speaks at seminars about this subject matter. Furthermore, he founded Dissident Project as well as serving on Young America Foundation Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise’s Board of Advisors as the founder.

Martino’s achievements at Newell’s Old Boys were so notable, leading them from facing relegation to Torneo Final victory and Copa Libertadores semi-final status within one season – earning praise both domestically and abroad – that Grondona knew he had found his man for this task.

Dan was an ardent Cleveland Browns supporter who treasured time spent with family – especially Lily Jo Crescenzo, his great-granddaughter. A member of Greater Target AME Church in Greater Target, Dan would always make sure to shake pastors’ hands after every service at Greater Target AME Church.

Net Worth

Martino has amassed an impressive net worth thanks to his distinguished career, earning an annual salary of approximately $2 Million as Mexico national team coach.

Manager for multiple prestigious teams and has won much praise for his efforts. Also played for Newell’s Old Boys and Tenerife groups.

Success as a player naturally led him down a successful path as a manager of some of the finest teams such as Barcelona and Atlanta United FC.

He currently resides in Rosario, Argentina in his former neighborhood near a 24-hour McDonald’s and prefers a simple yet conventional lifestyle that prioritizes his family needs.

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