Daniel Morozewicz

Daniel Morozewicz, a Maryland National Guardsman, Was Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Rockville police officer and Maryland National Guardsman Daniel Morozewicz was charged with child pornography by Frederick County Sheriff’s Office investigators after digital tracking revealed images showing prepubescent girls engaging in sexual acts that Morozewicz downloaded during months-long digital tracking by deputies.

He was working at Six Flags theme park in Bowie as part of his National Guard duties to assist with coronavirus vaccinations, according to a spokesman from the Guard. Following an investigation, he was removed from duty.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Morozewicz was arrested and removed from active duty with the National Guard due to allegations that he possessed child pornography, according to a federal criminal complaint. Morozewicz had previously been suspended from police duties over an unrelated matter and deactivated from active service with National Guard in October for unrelated issues.

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office announced in a joint investigation with Homeland Security Institute Baltimore field office detectives tracked Morozewicz’s internet usage from September to December and discovered he downloaded images and videos depicting prepubescent females engaged in sexually explicit conduct, the sheriff’s office statement said.

Authorities also discovered Morozewicz had factory reset his smartphone and thrown away his computer as soon as law enforcement attempted to interview him. With his guilty plea on Friday, he now faces prison time followed by lifetime supervised release.

Personal Life

Morozewicz admitted in his plea agreement that during his service in the Maryland National Guard he downloaded child pornographic files from BitTorrent file-sharing network and shared these with undercover law enforcement officers.

Investigation was spearheaded by Frederick County Sheriff’s Office’s (FCSO) Internet Crimes Against Children unit and Department of Homeland Security’s Baltimore field office of Homeland Security Investigations. Authorities monitored Morozewicz from September 8 through December 30, when she downloaded videos and images depicting nude, prepubescent girls engaging in sexually explicit behaviors.

FCSO reported tracking activity back to Morozewicz’s Frederick home and vehicle. A search revealed evidence identifying images as child pornography; National Guard spokesperson Maj. Kurt Rauschenberg indicated they take these cases very seriously.

Professional Career

On Friday while working as a Rockville police corporal for Maryland National Guard, Cpl. Daniel Morozewicz of Rockville Police Corps was arrested on charges related to child pornography, according to authorities. Based on his plea agreement, Morozewicz had received information that federal law enforcement agents wished to interview him regarding child pornography so prior to attending, his cellphone and computer were both factory reset/erase/discarded as he knew an interview would take place that day.

From September 2020 to January 2021, he used multiple electronic devices to download and distribute child pornography torrents over the BitTorrent file-sharing network, according to prosecutors. He will serve 42 months before lifetime supervision is implemented and has also been ordered to pay $14,000 in restitution; prior to being arrested by Rockville City Police Department officials on an unrelated personnel matter in October.

Achievement and Honors

In March 2021, he was arrested for possessing over 12,300 images depicting child pornography according to federal officials. After pleading guilty and being sentenced to 42 months of imprisonment followed by lifetime supervised release, he agreed with their terms.

Morozewicz used multiple electronic devices during his time as both a police officer and Army National Guardsman to access and distribute child pornographic torrents that depict prepubescent minors, as well as share it with undercover investigators, according to officials.

Morozewicz, who serves in the Maryland National Guard’s 1st Battalion of the 175th Infantry Regiment, was immediately suspended from his Rockville police job upon arrest and suspension by military authorities – which take any allegations regarding such matters very seriously; additionally, an investigation conducted jointly by Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and Homeland Security Investigations of Baltimore was undertaken for his arrest.

Net Worth

Daniel Morozewicz, 38, was arrested while working at a mass vaccination site and sentenced to 42 months in jail, followed by lifelong supervised release.

Morozewicz admitted in his plea agreement that from September 2020 to January 2021 while employed as both a police officer and Army National Guardsman, he received, possessed, and distributed child pornography using BitTorrent file-sharing network, according to federal prosecutors. On at least four occasions during that year devices linked to Morozewicz’s IP address downloaded and shared child pornographic material involving prepubescent children from this file sharing service.

According to the sheriff’s office, detectives monitored his internet use between September and December. As part of their investigation, they discovered he had more than 12,300 depictions of child pornography and erotica on multiple electronic devices, with 200 depictions featuring sexual abuse against infants or toddlers and 90 concerning sadomasochistic conduct.

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