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Bibliography of Johann Mosebach

History and family trees of Johann Mosebach. Includes photos, original documents, relatives, specific dates and more.

Daniel Mosbach is an award-winning German physiotherapist known for helping many individuals recover from injuries sustained through sports activities, specifically running injuries. Additionally, he is known for writing books and public speaking on various related subjects; for his contributions in this field he has received several accolades and awards.

Early Life and Education

Mosebach avoids obvious storylines and the “garish bouquet of hypotheses” purporting to explain their deaths by turning instead to Coptic liturgy as evidence that twenty-one martyrs can be considered homines liturgicums.

Mosebach’s book defies expectations in many ways. Not a work of history nor journalistic in form, he visits El-Aour families of martyrs and is struck by their strong sense of faith; these families celebrated their loved ones’ deaths not out of revenge or to reduce public outrage but because they knew that these victims had already reached heaven. Building shrines within their homes, collecting relics, and writing hymns became ritualistic practices, eventually declaring themselves an entire community of martyrs.

Achievement and Honors

Mosebach’s work has earned him numerous accolades and honors. His works have been premiered by Iris Sidikman, Thomas Sturm, Calarts Ensemble and SICPP ensembles as well as featured at Atlantic Coast Conference and Smithsonian Institution’s ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation Festival. Furthermore, he has collaborated on podcast productions including Mike Wiley’s Parallel Lives as well as Michael J. Braxton’s audio memoir as well as production/mixing for Duke Center for Documentary Studies Doc/X Lab Shortwave Radio.

Personal Life

Personal Details of Mosebach include being married to Luise Dorothea Henriette Hoelken Butz and having three children together with her. His artistic endeavors span photography, sculpture and poetry projects exhibited throughout galleries and museums worldwide – receiving grants from LEF and Puffin foundations among others.

Mosebach is currently studying Film Directing MFA program at CalArts, exploring existential risk, American extremism, and body. He has worked on multiple acclaimed projects such as Parallel Lives: an audio podcast co-created with UNC professor Miguel La Serna about Latin American geopolitical conflicts; mixing for independent short Push The Point as well as Princess Grace fellow Sarah Riazati’s Monumental.

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