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Daniel Moshe Net Worth – A Poet

Daniel Moshe, an entrepreneur who established Tech Guru out of his college dorm room, now specializes in IT services for accounting firms.

Strong in Six employs him as an EOS implementer to assist leadership teams with reaching their desired results from their businesses. He has spoken at multiple conferences and taught numerous webinars.

Early Life and Education

He studied law at the University of Vienna before making aliyah in 1914, volunteering for military service during World War I before going on to become a practicing attorney in Jerusalem.

Meira and Shira, two sisters ages five and three respectively, adored their baby brother who lived ten months. But by then it had become clear that his stay would come to an end.

As they conducted tests and administered medicines that failed one by one, there were prayers, tefillos, brachos from gedolim and consultations with specialists from across the country – eventually doctors diagnosed Malignant Migrating Partial Seizures of Infancy; sisters understood what this condition entailed but their hearts broke because their beloved baby was dying; yet they didn’t know how they should tell him this news.

Professional Career

At an early age, Dan Moshe longed to express himself with the same lyricism seen in jazz pianist Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson. To achieve this end he dedicated his efforts to piano lessons; but soon realized his aesthetic ambitions needed other means of expression.

After spending several years working as an administrative professional in Switzerland, Dan was offered a teaching position at MIT where he set up his cognitive science laboratory. Here he began collaborating with scholars across multiple disciplines such as psychology, computer science and mathematics on cross-disciplinary projects.

Dan first joined Herzog Fox & Neeman in 2008 and is widely-recognized as one of Israel’s premier Public International Law experts, specialising in Defence and Homeland Security matters. Additionally, he serves as an EOS Implementer with Strong in Six helping leadership teams achieve what they desire from their business venture.

Achievement and Honors

He served 22 years in key intelligence and counterterrorism posts at Shin Bet (General Security Service). Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Administration Studies as well as being in advanced stages of doctoral research into Cultural Intelligence and Diversity at Haifa University.

Daniel has long been an active part of the Jewish community, attending Jewish day school, Hebrew High school, United Synagogue Youth of America (USY), residential camping programs, political campaigns and being an alumni of The Jewish Federations of North America’s National Young Leadership Cabinet.

Jarden is an expert in “Field Arithmetic”. His efforts resulted in the publication of his book in 2000 as part of Springer-Verlag’s Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete series and established fruitful cooperation among German mathematicians such as Peter Roquette and Wulf-Dieter Geyer.

Net Worth

Daniel Moshe has amassed an estimated Net Worth of between $1 and $5 Million according to various online sources, having become an accomplished Poet in Canada at age 67.

He prefers to keep his personal and relationship status private, although he is dating someone (but does not wish to disclose who). Additionally, his height and weight remain unknown while his lifestyle includes owning multiple cars and houses.

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