Daniel Mosher

Daniel Mosher, a Professional Engineer at Grant Thornton

Daniel Mosher works at Grant Thornton. Discover more about him by connecting with him via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mosher’s photos capture the sublime beauty of life in October Country; unfortunately, his movie comes dangerously close to exploitative practices by featuring one long discussion after another about longstanding family grievances that never quite rings true.

Early Life and Education

Location of Funeral Service: Scrivner-Page-Dady Funeral Home of Stover 204 W 3rd Street Stover Missouri 65078

Mosher was raised in Poughkeepsie, New York by a prominent white family; his mother Jenny Brown graduated as one of the first women from Vassar College; his father Orlando Daniel Mosher Baker was an esteemed local lawyer. As a child he faced frequent moves as his family struggled financially while supporting both mother and sister alone; writing was encouraged from an early age by his grandmother; working trade-related jobs while furthering his education; eventually founding his own private press; being fond of CB radio activity which earned him nickname “Rabbit.” Steffan Mosher passed away earlier this year; memorial services will take place later in 2017.

Professional Career

Daniel Mosher is a professional engineer specializing in water and wastewater projects. With more than eight years of land development engineering experience and working closely with clients, design teams, permitting agencies, contractors and subcontractors on projects – Daniel currently works for Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC) in Columbia South Carolina where he serves on their water and wastewater team and helps develop procedures and training programs to increase efficiency and quality in projects.

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