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Dan Nardi

Dann Nardi is an accomplished master sculptor renowned for creating monumental outdoor site-specific sculptures that blend organic and industrial elements. His maquettes and preliminary renderings for these monumental works show quiet refinement where all competing forces come together in harmony.

Growing up in Michigan, he worked as a pest control technician, EMT and building maintenance specialist before becoming a physician assistant in North Carolina.

Early Life and Education

Dan graduated with both his B.S in Studio Art and M.S in Painting from Illinois State University in Normal, IL. Since then he has participated in multiple exhibitions, including 16 major site-specific installations. His artwork can be found both public and private collections worldwide and currently lives and works in Bloomington.

Tom Ballard and Daniele Nardi’s bodies were discovered hanging from an ominously-placed rope on Mummery Spur, drawing renewed focus to high-altitude mountaineering. Nardi, 40 years old at the time, had previously summitted Everest, Broad Peak, K2 and Nanga Parbat before setting several technical winter climbing routes in Himalaya and Alps – including recently returning from an unsuccessful attempt on Nanga Parbat’s Kinshofer route.

Professional Career

Daniel Nardi is an accomplished business operations professional working for a pharmaceutical company in Quality, Manufacturing Operations, Information Technology, Supply Chain Planning and Global Strategic Sourcing. With more than 32 years of industry experience under his belt, his knowledge spans all sectors.

He is also an author and blogger with expertise on health and wellness topics. Featured as a speaker at various conferences, his background includes healthcare as an EMT.

Mike Nardi, a four-year starting guard for Villanova during the mid 2000s, will be honored with inclusion into the school’s Big 5 Hall of Fame. Nardi played on two NCAA Tournament teams under coach Jay Wright before finishing his career overseas and joining his staff. Since then he has contributed four Big East regular season and tournament championships.

Achievement and Honors

Colonel Nardi, with over 2,900 flying hours on both F-16 C/Ds and F-22s, has participated in operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle. Additionally, he has held various leadership roles within tactical aviation such as squadron commander, 192nd Fighter Wing Vice Commander and 149th Fighter Squadron Commander.

Nardi is well known for his technical winter climbs on Nanga Parbat; having made five winter attempts but yet failing to reach its summit.

Recently, Nardi joined Carrum Health as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). With extensive experience in digital healthcare – having spent over ten years building digital health startups like Livongo – as well as mentoring other healthtech firms he brings invaluable skills.

Personal Life

As the coronavirus outbreak unfolded, Nardi lost 60 pounds and required additional oxygen therapy. Furthermore, renal failure had set in and dialysis treatment became necessary – his life had completely turned around.

Nardi was an associate of Cleveland consigliere James Licavoli and Danny Greene who gained notoriety for being both hotheaded and aggressive. Their respective families had formed an alliance until 1976 when an incident over the Feast of Assumption festival led to open warfare between their ranks.

Nardi quickly fell in love with Mummery Spur and became determined to summit it, although his decision seemed quite strange given that he had previously scaled Everest and Broad Peak. Furthermore, winter routes of Nanga Parbat may pose additional hazards.

Net Worth

He has an excellent earning potential and has amassed an impressive salary throughout his career. Known for his work, he boasts many fans and followers around the world and boasts a net worth of $5 Million.

Cleveland Family Mobster Anthony Loggia built an illegal street racket business involving labor racketeering, drug trafficking and illegal gambling. As well as participating in several jukebox companies he formed relationships with mob associate William Presser for vending machine business dealings.

Danny Greene approached Nardi with an offer: to bring him back into the city as an enforcer. Immediately afterwards, two murder attempts against Nardi by Butchie Cisternino and Allie Calabrese occurred; this indicates their family was frustrated with his independent approach and wanted him to pay tribute to them instead of remaining independent.

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